H-Game 1727: NTR Sisters – Ciella & Luciella v1.13


Original Title: NTR姉妹 シエラとルシエラ
Version: 1.13

The once -sealed “Demon God” has once again awakened.
In turn, the once-sealed “holy sword” has chosen it’s hero, Prince Alfred.
He is joined on his quest by twin knightesses Ciella & Luciella.
Various trials await them, but their bond is unbreakable.
Or so Alfred thought…

[H Scenes]
The story progresses from the prince’s perspective, however,
when he’s busy with work, you can see what was happening behind his back.
Of course, he might also get a hint by seeing their attitude.
Or perhaps they’ll become so brazen as to do certain things in front of him…

Ero scenes are a balance of about 40 / 60 pre-corruption / post-corruption
Contains lots of NTR / cuckoldry play with heroines who are weak to the allure of penis

* Complete NTR ending included
* Very high difficulty
* No complete NTR avoidance route
* No game completion bonuses

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