H-Game 2091: The Expedition of Doctor Maria v1.03


Original Title: Dr.マリア探検隊
Version: 1.03

Uncover the dark secrets of the ancient Obius civilization as you join the archaeologist Dr. Maria on her expedition!
Meet new and interesting friends, battle many different enemies, and explore Maganesia Island’s countless areas from its mysterious jungles to hidden underwater temples, to psychic research laboratories!
And of course, romance your female teammates as you develop relationships with each of them.


・ Even if you get a specific item, Anna’s home sex pattern will
“Fixed an issue where the amount would not increase.”
-Added a standing picture of Dr. Maria and Kukururu to the “Standing Picture Gallery”.
・Other minor bugs (map traffic judgment, etc.) have been fixed.

-Fixed the message bug when Dr. Maria is in a bad mood.
-Fixed Shinigami event.
・Fixed a bug where the event judgment remained after defeating Raijin of the Netherworld.
・The level of the final dungeon with a specific movement method
(Type of drop item, size of floor damage, etc.)
“Fixed a bug where it was not set correctly.”
-Fixed a bug where some pubic hair hidden settings were not working properly.
-Fixed an item pricing error.
・Fixed the hit detection of the enemy character’s skill “Death’s Mana”.
-Fixed an issue where money would decrease when re-entering the beach on Nansay Island.
・Added the shooting weapon “Hunter Rifle Custom” to the post-clear dungeon.
(Relaxed shooting… Give her 5, 10, 20 damage to the enemy. Sure to hit.)
(“Hunter Rifle Kai” is not registered in the picture book.)
・Added a function to change the name of the main character in reminiscence mode.
(On the scene selection screen, her cancel key/icon at the top right of the screen → “Rename main character”)
・Fixed typos.
・Other minor bugs (map traffic judgment, etc.) have been fixed.

・Fixed a bug in the Tokuso no Tou.

  • Corrected pricing for bow and arrow equipment.
    ・Fixed a bug with the equipment “Bear Hand”.
    ・Fixed an issue with the number of possessions of the equipment “Military Shovel”.

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