H-Game 2527: D-Hospital v1.02


Version: 1.02

Save File Included

October 3, 20XX
Due to a virus outbreak in T City, many citizens have been infected by a virus similar to rabies. The infected indiscriminately attack people and even animals have become mutated creatures.
In just a few days, the thriving T City turned into hell.
K General Hospital, located in the hardest-hit northwest part of T City, has fallen into a state of rescue difficulty, with over 90% of survivors injured or killed within just one day.
Still, there are people there struggling to survive in a deadly quagmire.

Survival Escape ARPG
Control the protagonists as they explore a dangerous hospital overrun with mutants, find other survivors, and search for an escape route.
Supplies and weapon durability are limited, and wrong decisions can be fatal.
Some enemies have restraining capabilities; contact with them can lead to being restrained, and failing to escape results in a bad end.

Basic CGs: 32 images
Includes animations, sound effects, and voices

Arrow keys: Move
Shift: Dash
Z: Confirm
X: Cancel
S: Attack with weapon
Q/E: Switch quick items
C: Use quick item
V: Quick save

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