Version: Uncensor

The main character, Anji Yaegaki, has a name like a man, but she is actually a girl goddess with a lid.
With the special power that resides in her body, she cooperates with the Reian Bureau, a national organization, and spends her days fighting against the dark divinity that lurks in the underworld.

Then one day, Yaegaki Anji wakes up alone in a strange city.
Not only are his surroundings full of enemies, but also the girls who were his comrades-in-arms and lovers have been brainwashed and turned into the enemy’s servants.

Don’t worry, you have a physical bond with them, don’t you?γ€€Let them remind you.”
Under the advice of the Goddess of Dedication, Yaegaki Anji decides to defeat the brainwashed lovers, r4pe them, and overwrite their memories.

β˜… System
It is a classic action game.
There are a total of 7 stages.

β˜… Control
WASD: Move
J: Attack
K: Skills
L: Sprint
I: Jump

β˜… Special actions
S+I: sliding
W+I: High jump
Jumping I: Two section jump
Jumping S+I: Dive
Jumping near the ceiling W: Hanging
J+K: ultimate skill

There are 21 scenes in H, all of which are L2D animations.
Overall, it feels very relaxed and enjoyable as an action game.

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