H-Game 2224: Succubus Temptation v1.3.0


Original Title: 淫魔てんぷてーしょん
Version: 1.3.0

A 2D action game with monster girls that attack and seduce the player with temptation.​


β—†UI Operationβ—†
Decide Z key, Enter key
Cancel X key, N key
Move WASD keys or direction keys

Movement WASD key
Attack J key (long press for strong attack)
Rolling Space key
Dash Space key (long press)
Guard K key
Use item ↑ key
Switch item ←→ key
Menu Esc key

Operation in menu
Switch menu Numeric keys 1 and 3 (not numpad keys 1 and 3)


Added Chinese and English translation.

Added window mode.
Also, Full HD and HD resolution can now be selected.

Fixed an issue where Lilim’s Temptation Defeat event would not play properly.

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