H-Game 1464: Knightly Passions v1.01 Steam Gold + DLCs


Version: Main Game v1.01 Steam Gold | APK for Android v0.84 | DLC: Between Life and Death v2.0 | In the Grip of Ice v2.0 | Halloween v0.6

Saves from previous versions can no longer be loaded, to avoid breaking the game.
DLCs and the main game are played separately. Do not install DLCs into the main game.

These are the escapades of a young hunter seeking his missing sister. Adventure awaits you in a medieval fantasy world filled with bloodthirsty monsters and deadly traps. You’ll make new friends, experience powerful temptations while meeting gorgeous girls, undergo every trial, and vanquish evil!


What could be better than experiencing the good old-fashioned adventures of a valiant hunter in a harsh medieval world? Having those adventures in a magical medieval world, of course!

Fantastical monsters, devious witches, ruthless and arrogant nobles, greedy and villainous mercenaries, magical battles, a whole host of engaging relationships with ravishing heroines of various races – these are only a fraction of what the player character will face as he quests to find his lost sister. Will our hero manage to find faithful friends and companions in the realm, acquire powerful weapons and mythical artifacts, and present the forces of evil with a worthy foe? Will he be able to reach heights unknown to even the most glorious knights? And will he have enough strength to withstand the devil’s mightiest weapon – temptation?

“Knightly Passions” is a nonlinear visual novel with RPG elements that brings together the very best aspects of the genre. The many battles, engaging exploration, and search for the finest equipment will immerse you in the game’s atmosphere, while its diverse secrets, puzzles, mysteries, and riddles will enable you to discover the outstanding warrior and sage that dwells within you. Here, only you can decide how to operate, who to consider your friend or enemy, how to conduct yourself with each of the heroines, and how to act in difficult situations – will you wade into combat, or negotiate with the help of your charisma or wealth? It all depends on you – can you transform yourself into an exalted warrior and be the champion of a downtrodden world?

Awaiting you in the game is:
✔ An incredible tale of adventure that you won’t soon forget.
✔ Dozens of maidens of all shapes and sizes to seduce.
✔ Support for a variety of fetishes, high-quality illustrations, and meticulously animated adult content (ranging from 25 to 80 frames per scene).
✔ An exciting combat system.
✔ An assortment of minigames.
✔ Original epic music to enhance your sensational experiences.
✔ Magic! It’s a wondrous thing, especially when employed in an erotic game.

DLC: Between Life and Death

NOTE:Nothing transfers into or out off this DLC
KEEP OLD SAVE as this is a separate instance of the game from the main story

In creators own words
Q: ” Is this different from the previously released halloween version?”
A:” There are minor changes in translation, mechanics and a couple of pictures. It’s basically the same add-on that people have seen before.”

We present to your attention a special DLC for Knightly Passions entitled “Between Life and Death.” In said add-on, you’ll be obliged to go on an exceptionally exciting excursion into the underworld. Souls of the dead, decaying dragons, and other spawns of darkness will do everything they can to keep you from returning to see the sun ever again. But even in these blood-soaked wastes, the hunter won’t be bereft of the assistance of beauties, though they may not be entirely human. Will the intrepid hunter manage to overcome the trials and tribulations on his difficult road? And will he be able to outwit the Lord of the Damned himself to rescue a lost soul from the maw of hell?


v1.0 – Steam Gold


The update is related to fixing a bug when loading saves.


  • The game engine has been upgraded to a new version of the Ren’Py engine, Version 7.7.1. This will make the game more stable and playable.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred when interacting with cooked food.
  • Fixed a bug that occurred while viewing the petition, your sister’s portrait, or written notes.
  • Fixed a bug related to skills that occurred when using a Potion of Oblivion.


  • Fixed healing potions. Now, they cannot be used when the hunter’s health is already full.
  • Fixed a bug in Quest 30 that could occur if the elf had died.
  • Combat action points now increase correctly when using cooked food or cheat codes.
  • Fixed a crash when trading with cooked food in your inventory.
  • The blacksmith no longer offers iron ore for sale.
  • Unfortunately, saves from prior versions of the game will not work in Version 0.82. We recommend skipping quests you’ve already completed using the “New Game+” functionality.


  • Fixed a crash when buying or selling with your game language set to English.
  • Fixed an issue with crafting items.
  • Fixed a bug with health recovery when sleeping.
  • Fixed a bug in Quest 30 that prevented you from completing the quest if the elf has died.
  • Fixed a bug in Quest 31 where the drunkard would sometimes never finish furnishing your house.
  • Saves from Version 0.80 should work with Version 0.81.


  • The main quest line has been successfully concluded. Find out if the hunter finds his sister and what awaits him after defeating Arachne.
  • Added a new secondary quest, Quest 37: An Unexpected Party. Help the witch locate something she has lost and bring it back to her.
  • Added a new alternative branch after defeating Arachne: “Slay Arachne.”
  • Added a new 18+ scene with the arms trader.
  • Added a new 18+ scene with the witch.
  • Added a humorous new animation involving Arachne.
  • New mechanic: lock picking.
  • Revised and improved some of the early quests.
  • Crafting 2.0. We have completely rewritten the crafting system, which will be further improved and used in the final version of the game.
  • Added a new category of item: cooked food. Cooked foods are consumables that offer buffs until the end of the current day.
  • Added the ability to cook with the maidservant and the elf.
  • The blacksmith now sells certain crafting materials.
  • Added new item drops to enemies at the forest, lake, and cave.
  • Prepared all of the achievements for the Steam version of the game.
  • Fixed several issues with the combat system.
  • Fixed many bugs, and probably added some new ones.
  • And much more.


  • The main quest has received its next installment. It’s worth noting that for this update, rather than creating new side quests, we focused all our efforts on the continuation of the main quest. In order to get straight to the new content, use “New Game+” mode and skip all of the quests. Once you load into the town, open your quest log. You should be able to figure out the rest from there.
  • Added 2 new 18+ scenes with Arachne.
  • Keep treasure hunting! Get yourself a shovel and go digging for genuine buried treasures! We’ve added 5 new chests containing valuable rewards (making 8 chests in all). The chests aren’t highlighted or anything; you must simply click on them. We’ll give you some tips for those of you who want to find the chests quickly. The first chest is located at the pier by the fisherman’s house. The second chest is located in the grass by the entrance to the cave. The third chest is at the lake, under the sand. Finding a chest is only half the battle — you also need to unlock it. Consequently, we’ve devised puzzles for almost every one of them. It’s worth mentioning that there can only be one hidden chest in any particular location.
  • Added 2 new minigames (for the chests).
  • Added a notification system (Beta). Now, when your journal is updated or you give/receive an item or gold, a corresponding notification will pop up.
  • You can now equip any piece of equipment by double-clicking on it.
  • Fixed the the intersection of the main quest with Quest 15 sometimes causing the elf’s mother to die before you’re able to speak with her.
  • You can now close your inventory and journal by pressing the “ESC” key on PC (in addition to the previous methods).
  • You can now fish in the fishing minigame using your spacebar on PC.
  • Fixed several bugs in the combat system.
  • Fixed many other bugs, and likely introduced some new ones.
  • And much more.


  • Updated game engine to Ren’Py version 7.6.3. This will improve the stability and performance of the game across all devices.
  • Improved the English translation and fixed instances when the untranslated text was being shown.
  • Fixed several combat bugs.
  • Fixed the cheat code for unlocking the gallery.
  • Fixed a bug with unlocking 18+ scenes in the gallery in “New Game+” mode after skipping all quests.


  • Implemented the next installment of the main story quest. In it, you’ll get very intimately acquainted with a new character (the governor’s wife) and you’ll be confronted with some challenges.
  • New quest: Quest 35, “Serenity.” Mirina is distraught that she incinerated an entire grove of the forest. You need to help her figure out how to set things right.
  • New quest: Quest 36, “Rebirth.” When you stop by the monastery in the afternoon, you notice that Mirina is missing. You should try looking for her in the nuns’ quarters, but you suspect that something is amiss. This quest is a follow-up to Quest 35.
  • Added a new 18+ scene with the arms trader after you give her the hydra head.
  • Added a new 18+ scene with a new character (the governor’s wife).
  • Now you’re not just a hunter, but a treasure hunterGet yourself a shovel and start digging for some real buried treasure. We’ve added 3 chests that contain valuable rewards. The chests aren’t highlighted or anything; you must simply click on them. We’ll give you some tips for those of you who want to find the chests quickly (spoiler alert): The first chest is located at the pier by the fisherman’s house. The second chest is located in the grass by the entrance to the cave. The third chest is at the lake, under the sand. Finding a chest is only half the battle — you also need to unlock it. Consequently, we’ve devised puzzles for each of them.
  • Added 2 new minigames (for the chests).
  • Fixed an error in Quest 33.
  • Fixed several bugs in the combat system.
  • Fixed many other bugs, and likely added some new ones.
  • And much more.

Today, we are releasing an updated version of the game, Version 0.47.

Here is the full list of all of the fixes and new features in the game:

  • Added 6 new battle cards, of which we’ve previously spoken, to the deck. Battles have become much more interesting. In the future there will be more cards, and at that time we’ll remove these 6 new cards from the very beginning of the game and instead give them to the player as rewards for certain quests (as well as for other things).
  • Fixed the descriptions for all the battle cards.
  • Changed the font to allow for more space for descriptions.
  • Fixed the bug in the cave.
  • Fixed the bug when fighting goblins.
  • Fixed other, minor bugs related to the game’s stability.

    This version of the game will not work with saves from prior versions. If you are playing the game on Android: Before installing the new version of the game, you MUST uninstall any old versions of the game. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to install the game.

We’re pleased to present you with Version 0.46, in which we’ve made significant corrections and improvements to the previous version of the game.

Here’s a full list of all of the changes to the game:

  • Added new materials that will drop from enemies at the lake.
  • Now, when hovering over a card in combat, the card will enlarge. This mechanic will provide the most detailed descriptions of cards in future updates.
  • Fixed the game crashing during combats with the new enemies at the lake.
  • Fixed a bug in Quest 33.
  • Fixed a bug in the golem battle.
  • Completely rewrote the code for loot drops, which has brought the number of errors related to drops down to zero.
  • Fixed the quests that involve fishing. Now one of the two quest-related fish can only be caught at the pier by the fisherman’s house, while the second can only be caught at the lake.
  • Fixed a bug related to the game crashing in Quest 10.
  • The chance for goblins to dodge attacks has been reduced to 15%, and Arachne’s dodge rate has been reduced to 20%.
  • Fixed a discrepancy involving the “Necklace of Strength” item. It now grants +1 to the “Combat Training” skill and +1 to “Armor Fitting.”
  • Improved the English language translation.
  • Made some graphical changes to combat.
  • Fixed many bugs and probably introduced some new ones.
  • And much more.

This version of the game will not work with saves from prior versions. If you are playing the game on Android: Before installing the new version of the game, you MUST uninstall any old versions of the game. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to install the game.

Today, we are releasing a new update, Version 0.45, in which we’ve added many interesting things.

Here’s a full list of all of the additions and improvements to the game:

  • New quest: The Newest Strongman. You can get it from the noticeboard at the gallows.
  • New quest: Hunting the Hunter. This quest is obtainable at the well. It starts automatically after a day if you skip all of the previous quests via the “New Game+” game start.
  • New quest: The Terror from the Deep. You can get it at the arms trader’s home.
  • New minigame: Turn-Based Puzzle. This minigame has been implemented in the “The Terror from the Deep” quest. At the moment, it only has 6 levels. We hope that you’ll enjoy it.
  • New minigame: Escape. This minigame has been implemented in the “Hunting the Hunter” quest.
  • New location: Cemetery.
  • New combat location: Lake.
  • New enemies at the “Lake” location.
  • In auto-battle mode, you can now choose which enemy will be targeted by the cards you select. You simply need to click on the enemy with auto-battle turned on.
  • The “Meditation” card now restores 30 health points.
  • Revised the bleeding and poisoning system in combat.
  • Damage numbers from bleeding now turn red. Damage numbers from poison now turn green.
  • Small spiders now hatch from spider eggs.
  • Small spiders can now grow into regular spiders after 3 turns.
  • A sprout summoned in combat by an enemy can now grow into a regular plant after 3 turns.
  • Improved the battle with the Stone Golem.
  • Improved the battle with Arachne.
  • Improved the battle with the Bear.
  • Added a timer before QTE.
  • Replaced the old combat system with the new one in the battles with the basilisk, elf apparition, and werewolf.
  • Fixed a bug when using a potion of poisoning protection in combat.
  • Fixed several bugs in the combat system.
  • Fixed many errors and probably introduced some new ones.
  • And much more.

This version of the game will not work with saves from prior versions. If you are playing the game on Android: Before installing the new version of the game, you MUST uninstall any old versions of the game. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to install the game.


  • Added a “skip” option to the survival minigame in Quest 13 and labyrinth minigame in Quest 22. You can now skip each minigame after the death of the main character.
  • Added a “+5 Skill Points” option to the cheat menu.
  • Implemented significant improvements to the combat system that enhance the stability of battles themselves.
  • Upon killing a goblin, you now get back all of the gold that it stole.
  • Fixed a bug involving the game freezing after fleeing from monsters.
  • Fixed a bug involving the game freezing after finishing off a monster with a critical hit.
  • Fixed a bug involving the game freezing in Quest 13 and Quest 22.
  • Fixed a bug with sleeping in Quest 31.


  • Fixed a bug with the 32-bit version.
  • Fixed the bug with crafting at the blacksmith.
  • Fixed the bug with using cheat codes.
  • Fixed the bugs related to rings.
  • Saves from previous versions can no longer be loaded, to avoid breaking the game.
  • Fixed a bug involving a black background in the monastery.
  • Fixed a bug involving the background of the global map when trying to hunt at night in the cave.


  • The game has been switched over to a new version of the Ren’Py engine, Version 7.6.1, which has enhanced the optimization and quality of the project.
  • The game has been ported to a 64-bit system.
  • Optimized code navigation. This will reduce the load on the project and eliminate memory corruption.
  • Fixed bugs and shortcomings in the latest quests.
  • Fixed a bug in Quest 19 related to the treatment for the malady of the Tavern Keeper’s Assistant.
  • Altered the prices of the arms trader’s goods and also adjusted the price of the quick renovation option for your home.
  • Altered the recipes for crafting at the blacksmith. The cost of crafting has been lowered.
  • Altered the damage of different weapon types. A bow now deals about 20% more damage per hit than a sword of the same tier.
  • Base accuracy for the bow is now 70%. You will miss your target more frequently, which can, however, be remedied by leveling up the corresponding skill.
  • Added tooltips for leveling skills.
  • Fine-tuned rings.
  • Refined the evasion minigame in combat.
  • Refined all skills.
  • Leveling skills is significantly faster.
  • Two skills were removed due to inconsistencies.
  • Enemies who have the “Escape” skill can now only escape on their next turn.
  • Fixed a bug with the movement of characters on the battlefield.
  • Fixed the coordinates for summoned enemies who had previously appeared outside of the screen.
  • Fixed a bug with the game freezing after finishing off an enemy with a critical hit.
  • Fixed a bug involving having full health at the beginning of every combat encounter.
  • Fixed a plot bug. If the elf died, she will now not suddenly appear in your house.
  • Fixed a bug with item drops from defeated enemies.
  • Fixed a bug involving a window continually popping up to inform you about the completion of all quests.
  • Changed some icons in combat mode.
  • Fixed some errors in the Russian and English translations.


  • The continuation of the main quest! The hunter draws a few steps closer to reuniting with his sister.
  • New quest: Quest 30, “The Prisoner of Darkness.” Please note that this quest is automatically issued in the tavern one day after the completion of all of the quests of the tavern keeper, blonde nun, and elf.
  • New quest: Quest 31, “Home Sweet Home.” At long last, the hunter will have his own home.
  • Improved adult scene with the brunette nun in the bell tower (Live2D).
  • New combat system: Version 4.0. We have completely rewritten the code of the combat system. Enemies have become stronger, faster, and more interesting. Some of them have been given new abilities. In the following updates, we will implement a variety of new combat ability cards.
  • New location: “Home.”
  • New location: “Blacksmith’s House.”
  • After completing Quest 31, the elf will move in to your house to live with you.
  • Revised the weapon damage system. Now, you can deal damage within a predefined range. (For example, your sword might deal 28 damage on the first hit, 34 on the second, etc.
  • Completely overhauled the skill system. There are now 15 of them. (Previously, there were only 3.)
  • Revised merchants’ pricing. (Some items have become cheaper, some more expensive.)
  • Fixed many bugs and probably added some new ones.
  • And much more.


  • New Quest: Quest 27, “Office Chores.” Help the blonde nun procure what she requires. This quest can be obtained from the notice board near the gallows.
  • New Quest: Quest 28, “The Strange Doll.” By happenstance, an unusual doll falls into your hands, a mystery that you’ll have to solve then and there. This quest will become accessible after completing Quest 27, “Office Chores.” You’ll need to visit the monastery in the evening or night.
  • New Quest: Quest 29, “The Marionette.” Each day, after you sleep, you feel worse and worse. You sleep a lot, but can never sleep enough to feel rested. What’s happening to you? This quest will begin after completing Quest 28, “The Strange Doll.” You’ll need to go to sleep.
  • New 18+ scene with Mirina in her cell (animated with Live2D). After all of Mirina’s quests have been completed, visit the nun’s cell and you’ll enjoy an unforgettable time together.
  • New 18+ scene with the blonde nun (animated with Live2D). Automatically unlocked in Quest 28, “The Strange Doll.”
  • Several more 18+ scenes with the blonde nun. Automatically unlocked in Quest 29, “The Marionette.”
  • Finalized and improved Quest 15, “The Family Heirloom.” The hunter can now help to summon the spirit of the elf’s mother in order to free himself of his guilt and tell the elf the whole truth. As a result, the elf will hold no ill will toward him and will remain alive. To summon her mother’s spirit, you need to arrive on time for your meeting with her in the forest. You’ll also need to make the right dialogue choice when speaking with the elf.
  • Finalized and improved Quest 13, “Nature’s Wrath.” We’ve added a new stage to hunting down the dendroid: a survival minigame. If it turns out to be too difficult to you, after dying you can change the difficulty setting for said minigame.
  • Added a new button in the stages leading up to every boss encounter to allow you to access your inventory.
  • Fine-tuned the sprites of the nuns.
  • Fixed many bugs and probably introduced some new ones.
  • And much more.




  • Added Chinese language support!
  • Fixed a bug in Quest 24.
  • Improved the minigame for catching the horse in the field.
  • Improved the minigame for the chase by brigands. On monitors with high refresh rates, these two minigames will no longer be accelerated.
  • Fixed many other bugs, and probably added some new ones.
  • And much more.


  • New quest: “The Drunken Mare.” In this quest, you’ll help the tavern keeper make all the necessary preparations to purchase some good booze.
  • New quest: “Mercantile Machinations.” You’ll have to face off with some malevolent merchants who don’t consider it necessary to keep their word.
  • New quest: “The Best Candidate.” The tavern keeper is looking to find himself a female assistant for a cushy job in the tavern. This quest is issued automatically after completing the “Mercantile Machinations” quest.
  • New quest: “The Picnic.” At times, even the simplest forms of outdoor recreation can turn into something terrifying.
  • New minigames in quests: “Keep Your Balance on a Horse,” “Clicks on the Screen,” and “Pursuit.”
  • Now, from the very beginning of the game onward, the tavern is available for lodging only. Customers will only appear in the tavern once you’ve completed the “Mercantile Machinations” quest.
  • The price of lodging in the tavern has doubled. But don’t worry – after the tavern fully reopens, the tavern keeper will thank you with a 50% discount on lodging.
  • Added several new music tracks.
  • Fixed many bugs, and probably added some new ones.
  • And much more.


  • Fixes the global map button bug.
  • Ensures the English version of the game properly displays all text in English (not Russian).
  • Various minor adjustments and improvements.


  • Fixed a bug involving the “Map” button.
  • Fixed a bug when dealing a critical hit in combat.
  • Fixed a bug involving the use of vials of antidote.
  • Fixed a bug involving bears’ “Steel Claws” combat ability.
  • Fixed a bug involving items in Quests 20 and 21. The wine and the Iskandria fish now disappear from your inventory at the intended time.
  • Improved the English translation of the game, especially with regard to the new content.
  • Added a new animation for bears’ “Rage” combat ability.
  • If you’re playing on PC, hitting the spacebar during a critical hit will launch the attack. Pressing the spacebar any other time during combat still ends your turn as normal.
  • Improved the musical accompaniment in the new quests.
  • Added a “Leave” button to the arm wrestling interface.
  • Updated the in-game “thank you” list.
  • Saves from Version 0.10a are fully compatible with Version 0.10b.


  • New quest: A New World. The current 18+ scenes with the elf will now become available after completing this quest.
  • New quest: The Herbalist’s Secrets. After this quest, search out Mirina in the field – she’ll thank you generously.
  • New quest: The Stone Jungle. The arms trader will now give you new contracts for monster heads.
  • New location in the poor district: the arms trader’s house.
  • New location on the global map: the Glade of Death.
  • New adult animated scene with Mirina (Live2D).
  • New adult animated scene with the arms trader (Live2D).
  • The game has been ported to the latest version of the Ren’Py engine (Version 7.5.3). This will make the game more stable on all platforms (especially on Android).
  • Combat System 3.0. Let’s go over it all in sequence, from most to least significant. An auto-move button has been added in combat that allows the player to click a single time on a skill card to use it (no additional clicking to select the card’s target, which significantly speeds up battles). While in this mode, attack cards will automatically target the first eligible enemy, while defense and healing cards will target the player. Additionally, in this mode, cards no longer disappear and animations are much faster. We’ve also changed the exterior design of the combat system. We’ve started implementing new cards that you’ll see in the next updates. You can now swap between weapons in combat (bow/sword). You can now end your turn by hitting the space bar if you use a keyboard.
  • Updated the design of the arm wrestling starting screen.
  • Added new enemies in the forest (bears) and in the cave (dire bats, goblin archers, and goblin shamans).
  • New skill: “Vampirism.” This skill allows enemies to deal damage while also regaining health.
  • New skill: “Rage.” This skill triggers if you make an enemy angry. In this mode, enemies will deal more damage than normal.
  • New skill: “Iron Fur.” When an enemy uses this skill, they receive armor that can carry over to the next turn if you don’t break through it.
  • New skill: “Steel Claws.” An enemy using this skill can bypass armor the player acquires during combat, dealing damage directly to the player’s health.
  • Updated the item system. Armor, weapons, and certain quest items now have their own rarity levels. In the future, we’ll expand the current list of item rarity.
  • Combat balance has been completely reworked. The player now has 500 HP instead of 100 HP. The health and attack of all enemies have also grown several times larger.
  • Wounds heal when you sleep. Six hours of sleep in the tavern now restores 50 HP.
  • Made some textual revisions to Quests 2, 8, and 15.
  • Fixed many bugs and probably added some new ones.
  • And much more!

Version 0.9c:

  • Transferred the game to a new version of the Ren’Py engine (7.5.1).
  • Fixed a bug in Quest 15 involving catching a dove in the field.
  • Fixed crashes while fishing.
  • Increased the probability of randomly unlocking the adult scenes in the brunette nun’s cell in the evening (scene 8 in the gallery).
  • Fixed a bug in the combat system when making a critical hit.
  • Fixed bugs in the gallery.
  • Added a convenient “Skip All” button in New Game+ game starts that allows you to choose to skip all 17 currently skippable quests at once.
  • Enhanced New Game+ functionality; when skipping quests, the adult scenes from all of the quests you skip will now automatically unlock in the gallery.
  • Reduced the size of the game files by about ~50 MB (removed the old frame-by-frame animations that’ve been replaced with Live2D animations).

Version 0.9b:

  • The game has been ported to the latest Ren’Py engine, Version 7.5.0. This will make the game more stable on both PC and Android.
  • Fixed a bug involving using a cheat code to increase the hunter’s health.
  • Fixed a rare bug involving fishing.
  • Implemented some fixes in the Gallery so that it now works as intended.


  • The main quest has received an expansion! You can now get a few steps closer to finding your sister.
  • New quest: “A Liberating Outfit.” This is the final quest in the elf’s plotline, which smoothly segues into her adult content.
  • New quest: “The Young Warrior.” In this quest, you’ll be able to help the peasant boy recover his stolen toy.
  • Two new characters make their first appearances in the game: the Governor and the Vampire.
  • Added a new location: The Vampire’s House
  • Added two minigames: “Chase for Prey” and “Last Stick.” You’ll encounter the first one in the main quest, while the second can be found in “The Young Warrior” quest.
  • Improved the witch’s 18+ animations in Quest 3 (Live2D).
  • Improved the elf’s “Doggy Style” 18+ animations (Live2D).
  • The combat system has been completely rewritten and enhanced. You can expect to see more new cards, enemies, abilities, buffs, and debuffs in future updates.
  • Updated the design of the battle interface.
  • Improved critical hit mechanics. The player can now make the hunter deal triple damage by hitting a button at the appropriate time.
  • Updated the algorithm for auto-battles in hunting mode. The damage caused by auto-battles now adjusts based on the number of enemies and the hunter’s damage.
  • If the hunter hunts in the forest during Quest 15, he can now encounter the elf’s mother.
  • Added fishing training.
  • The difficulty of catching fish now scales based on your level of Hunting Instinct. If your Hunting Instinct level is above 20, then the difficulty of fishing is trivial.
  • Simplified catching an Icarius in Quest 17.
  • Fishing is no longer available in the evening or at night.
  • Updated arm wrestling. Bonuses and traps in the minigame have been enhanced. Before the start of an arm-wrestling bout, your opponent’s difficulty level is now shown. In the same window, you can also receive arm-wrestling training.
  • Updated the pause menu. We’ve implemented “Main Menu” and “Exit” buttons, which allow you to go to the game’s main menu or exit the game entirely, respectively.
  • Added some new NPC dialogues.
  • Added more options in some existing quests.
  • Improved the English translation.
  • Improved quest streamlining.
  • Updated the game’s exit screen.
  • Added new dialogue option icons.
  • Fixed a rare bug that broke the navigation screen at the end of the game.
  • Fixed a bug with prices in the tavern after the bartender sobers up.
  • Also fixed many other bugs, and probably added some new ones.
  • And much more!


  • Fixed yet another bug when arm wrestling with the old man/merchant.
  • The elven druid boss’s stun attack now takes 3 points of stamina away from the hunter instead of 1.
  • Fixed the “stun” debuff being applied multiple times when fighting boars and other enemies using a stun attack.
  • Fixed a bug involving armor values being zeroed out prematurely during fights with several opponents.
  • Fixed a substitution bug with traders’ inventories that could cause crashes when attempting to purchase bread.
  • Fixed several other bugs involving the combat system.
  • Ensured saves from 0.8a and 0.8b work with the latest version of the game (0.8c).


  • New quest: “The Family Heirloom.” In it, we continue to discover more about the elf’s character.
  • New quest: “The World of Trading.” A cute and romantic story involving Mirina :3
  • New quest: “The Forest Cove.” This is a quest that will, in future updates, introduce us to a new character.
  • Remade the adult scenes in the brunette nun’s cell in Live2D.
  • Remade 2 adult scenes with the elf in Live2D.
  • Added beautiful music that immerses you more deeply in the game for the new quests.
  • Completely overhauled hunting and slightly improved the combat system. You can now hunt several creatures at once by choosing to face one to three enemies.
  • Your level of Hunting Instinct now allows you to gain the dodge effect right in the middle of battles. The higher your level of Hunting Instinct, the higher your chance of gaining the dodge effect.
  • The item drop rate is now tied to Hunting Instinct. Each additional level increases the chances of rare items dropping.
  • Added auto-battle functionality to hunting mode. To unlock it, you need to conduct three successful hunts for animals of the given variety and number. For instance, in order to unlock auto-battles when facing three wolves, you’ll need to defeat packs of three wolves three times in normal combat. Auto-battles cost the hunter 30 HP.
  • You can now arm wrestle with the fisherman and the blacksmith.
  • Arm wrestling difficulty is now impacted by your level of Combat Training. The higher your Combat Training, the easier it will be to defeat your opponent.
  • The price of items is now dependent on your Charisma level. The higher your Charisma, the lower the cost of the goods you buy and the higher the selling price for your own items.
  • Added the “Lacerating Strike” skill card, which inflicts the bleeding condition on enemies. You can obtain it by defeating the blacksmith at arm wrestling.
  • Added an “enhanced fishing rod,” which grants you a 15% chance to catch a variety of items in the lake (including artifacts).
  • Added the “Potion of Oblivion.” It resets all stats, allowing skill points to be reallocated. It’s currently sold by the witch.
  • The Gallery now fully unlocks when unlocked via cheat codes (including all of the scenes with the elf and the brunette nun).
  • Improved the “New Game+” feature by adding the ability to skip Quests 11 through 14. (Previously, only the first 10 quests were skippable).
  • Added a convenient button in the navigation window to allocate unspent Skill Points.
  • Improved the English translations of Quests 5 through 9.
  • You now won’t be able to flee from combat during the combat tutorial. Previously, running away from the combat during the tutorial caused a critical error.
  • Fixed the tooltips on how to unlock each adult scene in the Gallery.
  • Fixed a bug with the appearance of the maid in the market in “New Game+” games.
  • Fixed trading bugs.
  • Fixed bugs when crafting items at the blacksmith.
  • Fixed bugs with the Cave location.
  • Also fixed many other bugs and probably added some new ones.
  • And much more!

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