VIP H-Game 206

Version: 12282020 – Hotfix

We recommend users to remove their save data by going into AppDataLocalFutaFix and deleting the files there, after downloading a new version of the game, Trying to load saves from a previous version may cause unwanted crashes.


Join her and her friends on this hybrid visual novel adventure with select animated scenes.

Main Features
HD 1080p & Fullscreen options
Visual Novel/Point and click
2+ hours of content
20+ illustrated scenes with animations
Partially voiced characters
CG Gallery
Extras and secrets
Original Soundtrack and audio



– Fixed a bug that made Linda’s last sex scene inaccessible, which in turn rendered the “Sweet Release” achievement inaccessible.
– Fixed a bug that turned off all voice acting in Kate’s route.
– Fixed a bug where the New game Warning prompt would show even if the player did not have a savefile.
– Resolved miscellaneous music issues.
– Fixed miscellaneous graphical issues: Lilly’s face shadow, Clover’s face misalignment, etc.
– Implemented miscellaneous script fixes.

Additional updates:
– Expanded the Gallery to include more CGs.
-We are still working to identify the cause of some major bugs in the game causing some players to be unable to see CGs and animations as well as other issues.

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