Hello everyone! You can post your request here and we will upload IF we could.


1/ All you have to do is comment the name or dlsite link of the game that you request.

2/ You can only request 5 games per week.

3/ β›” We won’t accept your request if:
+ The game has the following genres: Ya0i, G0re or Extreme Brutal.
+ The game doesn’t meet our standard (such as low rating games, etc…).
+ We couldn’t find the game anywhere πŸ˜›.
+ Please comment with a complete link, don’t mess up the link with spacing (that makes the link can’t be clickable). The best way to comment is each line a link. We will ignore the links that can’t be clickable.

4/ The games you want may be already uploaded on the site, please make a search before request. Some games may be already in “BONUS H-Games” category.

5/ The game you requested can be tagged as H-Game or BONUS H-Game, it depends. It could be tagged as BONUS H-Game if we have to buy it and if the price is not cheap.

6/ Your requested games will be uploaded in any language that we could get.

7/ After you’ve posted your comment, it might be held for review before appearing. Please don’t worry, we will check for comments and approve later.

8/ Please do not spam or comment multiple times. We could ban any people who heavily abuse the system.

9/ Contact us if you want to promote your product on the website: [email protected]

10/ The rules are likely to change from time to time. Please read every time you visit this page.

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3 days ago