VIP H-Game 154


A fun mix of pachinko and pinball, where you have to complete more than 32 different missions to clear the 4 worlds.

Robbing a train, defeating UFOs, activating satellites without losing sight of the number of balls you have left to obtain the highest possible score, and be the best in the ranking.

Dress up for the occasion, complete all missions, fight giant UFOs, defeat dragons, and rob a train, to get the highest score possible in this fun mix of pachinko and pinball.

Key Features
โ€ข Arcade design.
โ€ข More than 32 missions to complete.
โ€ข 4 different machines (Casino, Western, Sci-fi, medieval).
โ€ข 3 mini-games
โ€ข 8 different dresses
โ€ข 22 illustrations to Unlock
โ€ข No DRM

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