H-Game 1660: Training My Daughter in Law! Papa’s Toy (Discipline Step Daughter!)

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Original Title: įžŠå¨˜čĒŋ教!į”Ÿæ„æ°—ãĒįžŠå¨˜ã¯ãƒ‘パぎįŽŠå…ˇ

A simulation game about training your saucy daughter-in-law.
Includes hard route and lovey route.

Koutarou just can’t seem to get along with his new wife’s daughter.
One day, he discovers her trying to take his money, and what more,
she shows no remorse with her filthy mouth.
And so Koutarou ends up training her.
Will they be able to get along…or will everything fall apart?

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