H-Game 1256: The Book of Tentacles v1.7.2.2


The generic text you can skip:
In a world where magic rules and people live side by side with magical creatures, something terrible happens. Something that threatens the life of all things. And that’s when you enter the world. But you don’t enter it for the first time, you realize that you were already here, you just don’t remember your past. And the ancient symbols shine on your hands indicate your distinction from humans. And it is up to you to find out what kind of life you lived before and, most importantly, how you are going to live it now. The only thing you know for sure is that you have the power to change the whole world. And you decide what it will become.

About the game itself:
It is an RPG where you play as an ancient being that finds itself in a whole new world. A world full of magic, mythical creatures, and, of course, beautiful girls. You will have to find out what secrets lie in your past, which completely disappeared from your memory. But most importantly, you suddenly discover that you have your own special powers. Very unique ones. The powers that can reveal people’s hidden desires. Show their true nature.

And the most important thing: despite the title, it’s not about tentacles, maybe just a bit.



  • New big quest “The top of the food chain” in which you finally have to face the abomination that threatens the existence of all life in the area. The slime (lvl1).
  • New very long and juicy scene with “M”. One of my proudest scenes so far. During this scene the concept of a relationship is also expanded, depending on the relationship with M you can allow yourself to be lewd in various ways.
  • Added notes on creatures of the world that you can find across the world:
  • 2 notes on succubus
  • 2 notes on slime

Gameplay and mechanics:

  • Changed the event of gem extraction, as well as removed the tutorial on how to extract them in the cave.
  • Changed items for the Sarnara’s quest. Now she just needs 3 gems.
  • Animations for bandits, sentinel and imperial recruit were removed from the game completely. This was done to eliminate plugin conflicts.


  • Fixed the bug with the sentinels on the first level and the prison. They now work as they should. No bugs at all. None.
  • Many minor bugs that I just silently fixed and forgot to write down about it.

v1.7.2.1: Added missing files.


  • You can now lose in the first Anna’s fight.
  • Sentinels sprites are now remaining after crystal destruction
  • Prison location is temporarily unavailable for reconstruction.
  • In the “Unfortunate elfs” quest you will need only one gem.
  • Changed emergency save file.

Important! Previous saves don’t work anymore, but I created an “emergency” folder inside the main directory. It contains the walkthrough and also save file.

– Bandits quest was strongly reworked, introducing new mechanics with character relation. Now cumming on Emma during her scene requires good relations too.
– New short scene with imperial officer during this quest. You don’t have to go trough it again, you can just come to bandits’ hideout and the girl will be at the entrance.
– New trader near the big tree.
– All maps have been shrunk in size so that you can move faster through them.
Gameplay and mechanics:
– Ability to change protagonist’s name. Right in the beginning or in the gallery room. (I finally made it)
– New interactive map that expands as you visit new areas. You can get it from the girl on the village field.
– You can now skip entire first level instead of skipping Eliza’s dialogue.
– Enemy rebalance.
– Enemy drop rebalance (now they drop more items that you can sell).
– New lymph upgrades, now you can spend lymph on increasing elemental damage.
– Lymph is now also gained in the temple during Anna’s questline.
– Changed many quest triggers to make them appear in a more balanced way, not just throw them all at once.
– Due to these changes now you can access western forest only after loosing virginity. Virgin speedrun option is currently disabled.
– Some scenes have been removed.
– A lot of bugs have been found and solved. From serious ones that break the activation of quests, to minor ones, such as bugs with music and sounds. Overall this update is more of a technical stuff to prepare the game before the next big update and bug hunting. But is does have some lewd content. Very few of it, but very lewd. The next update should came out by the end of this month, or early in the beginning of the next one.

– new quest: Big problem in a small village
– new quest: Cure for the body, cure for the soul
– 2 new misc events (hunters, fishermen)
– new enemies, characters, etc.
– floor messages added
– new options in the menu
– few more lore pics
– added concept of lymph and lymph upgrades
– the dog
– auto battles (the more your level exceeds the level of your opponent, the more chances you have to just skip the battle, getting only damage for the whole party)
– easy mode option (all battles is auto-battles, bosses are easier)
– removed some of the old scenes
– changed sprite of main character
– I repeat, I finally changed sprite of the protagonist
– Yes, I did it

v1.7.0.1 addon:
– Added lymph drainage glyph during ejaculation.
– Added post-date lymph harvesting score and lymph level indicator on the character information panel.
– Patricia event changed, now she will be less likely to blow you off.
– Few small fixes

NOTE: I have made major changes to the core plugins and engine, I am not responsible for the functionality of your safes. (but you can skip the first location by clicking on the top left torch at the beginning 5 times.)

– dialogue window skip by pressing RMB
– changes in the crafting system, fixed crafting bugs, added new recipes.
– added location name when moving between them.
– completely changed the dialogue and quest mechanics, although as a player you will only be able to see the real change in a couple of dialogues, now it’s more stable.
– new, better main menu,
– new lore pictures.
– ability of fast traveling between fireplaces
– changed sprites of main characters
– new enemies, new locations
– new scene with the sentinel in the first location
– new quests (modern trade concepts, unlucky elves, Alice’s quest completed)
– added new locations and changed some of the old ones
– combo system is improved and now stable
– removed some of the old scenes

– A new event near the fire in the forest. Now, after completing the quest with the bandits and the presence of Anna in the party, opens the path to the eastern part of the forest.
– Also a new event after this will be in the village.
– New event in the western forest, related to the appearance of the fourth character in the party.
– New event after completing all these quests, related to Christmas.
– Changed basic castle themes for daytime and nighttime. Also changed some lightning in the castle.
– Added dynamic lighting for the castle at different times of the day.
– All in-game characters now sleep at night.
– New debuff for party members at night.
– Added work desk to your chambers. It will now be used for private meetings instead of the bed.
– There is also a new “knowledge” mechanic on the work desk. After receiving important information about something, you will be able to comfortably review it at your work desk, thus making a knowledge map of the game world.

Fixed bugs:
– People in the village now don’t reappear.
– Bug, in which the event Patricia replaces the other events when interacting with the bed, fixed.
– And a few other little things.

-Added walkthrough which contains quest completion and magic mechanics, you will find it in the main game folder. (I wrote it myself, so it’s pretty accurate)
-New imperial recruit scene with the protagonist. (at the beginning of the game)
-New Patricia sprites.
-Patricia arc is now fully completed.
-New quest of searching the imperial hidden values. In fact, you’ll find something way better. (quest is available on the bulletin board after completing Anna quest)
-Added the effect of magical exhaustion to all enemies using magic.
-Many misc changes. (changed main accept sound, some dialogues, skills balance, changes in battle music and more)
-Fixed some bugs. (impossibility of resurrection, locations-traps and others)

-A major reworking of scenes. Added animated scenes. Added a lot of text (more than 5 thousand words of sex dialogues).
-A major overhaul of the magic system. Added development system, spell levels, spell books, combo system, new special abilities, new mechanics and more.
-A complete reworking of the first location, making it more friendly to new players and explaining the basic mechanics.
-Redesigning of the world, making it more open with new quests, locations, and enemies.
-Fixed a lot of bugs. Added cheats for Patreon build of the game (cat behind the mirror).
-Changes in existing dialogue, changes in the mechanics of the game, and other small changes that you will not notice.

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