H-Game 1362: Prism ☆ Fantasy

Original Title: プリズム☆ファンタジー

This story takes place in a world different from this one.
Flora, who goes to an all-girls school in Tokyo, is attacked by a demon that appears out of nowhere, but Liese, a resident of another world, saves her life.
Why was she attacked? What the heck is that demon? ……?
Believing in her own hidden power, Flora sets off on a journey to another world to confront the oncoming disaster.
It’s a great way to get to know your friends and family.

Flora and Liese
The main character, Flora, is an ordinary girl who grew up in an all-girls school in a slightly wealthy family.
As a warrior of light, she confronts the evil of emptiness.
Liese is a sorceress who was raised as a priestess of light to support the warriors of light.
She is a very strong girl who lives with a positive attitude, even though she is confused by the fate that has been imposed on her.

The Floating World of Madoneia
Madoneer is the center of a different world that connects several worlds.
This world will be the stage for Flora and her friends’ adventures.

This is a great calamity that destroys all the worlds.
In the past, there was a sorcerer who defeated it once, but nothing is known about him.

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