NORMAL H-Game 89: Obscurite Magie ~ Lust Corrupted Princess Knight Yuriana

Though a princess, Yuriana is willful, and as a princess knight, keeps the monsters at bay.
One day, while she is training with the knight commander, a man from Ruyed Island
arrives, asking for their help to deal with the monsters living in the dungeon there,
that have grown violent.
Hearing this, Yuriana insists on dealing with the situation herself, despite the commander’s
attempts to stop her.
In the end, does glorious victory await Yuriana, or will it be humiliating violation…?


121 CG images (including variations and standing poses)

-Taken hostage and deflowered
-Defeated by evil ones and made into a sex slave
-Getting lewd and making a shota boy jerk off to you
-Fellating an item store owner to make him offer fair prices
-Being sexually harassed while working at a tavern
-Sleep-raped while staying at a slum inn

[Battle Sex]
-Anal raped by a goblin
-Tentacle monster rape
-Egg implanted by jellyfish monster
-Devoured by a plant monster

All BGM is original commissioned music.

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