NORMAL H-Game 780: Tenyoku no Asklein (天翼のアスクレイン)

Japanese Title: 天翼のアスクレイン

Eight years ago, Tosuien City was stained with blood due to an attack by a strange group.
Makuro Izumiha, a student who survived the horrific incident called the Tosuien Incident,
Since he lost his parents in the incident, he has lived alone with an old wound in his heart.
One day, Makuro witnesses the same odd-shaped monster as in the Tosuien incident.
Makuro, who confronts the monster, falls into a crisis situation before the overwhelming power of the opponent, but the predicament is saved by a beautiful female knight.

Her name is Asklein Crysta.
She was a strange monster from another world-a transformation heroine of justice who came to hunt the descending demon species.
Her identity is a royal family in another world, a beautiful woman named Luana.
Although she came from another world as she rushed to exterminate the descending demon species,
Luana, who was having trouble living in this world, decided to take care of Makuro’s house, where she lived alone, for a while.
Luana and Makuro deepen their ties while overcoming the battle with the descending demon species.

Sayaka, a childhood friend who is a shrine maiden at a nearby shrine, returns from her training.
She happened to know that Sayaka was Skunanohimemiko, who was fighting against the descending demon species, and the relationship between the three became complicated.

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