NORMAL H-Game 754: Paradise Lust v0.9.14

Version: 0.9.14 + APK for Android
(Android will probably crash on lower-end phones)

Paradise Lust is a visual novel and erotic dating sim, interspersed with simple subgames.
The game follows the story of the wreck of the Moby Dick; a pleasure yacht chartered by the Miss World Media pageant for a luxury promo cruise in the South Pacific. You play the role of the bartender of the vessel, washed up on the shore of idyllic Tuvatuva Island along with a cast of beautiful beauty pageant contestants and their friends. There you will sort out how to survive and thrive on the island while searching for other survivors, including your brother, who was captain of the vessel.โ€‹


0.9.14 – Public Build
– Added music for flower minigames
– Quest Button moved a bit higher for phones with notches
– Mi Sun’s quest now starts one day after finding them
– Fixed layering of clouds in Bungalows
– Fixed flowers in Reyna’s room not being visible
– Fixed flowers in Cath’s room not being visible
– Fixed background of Kill Bees minigame
– Fixed some rewind issues
– Fixed issue where flowers would show in vase as you’re giving them
– Fixed full Ryoko poster missing
– Fixed missing Reyna’s “End of Content” message
– Fixed flowers not showing up in conversations

– Cleaned up rewind system and QSave system
– Puppeteering fixes

– Added quest to scare the Lizard at Bungalows
– Added lights to Mi Sun’s room
– Added End of Girl content for Reyna, Misun, and Olga
– Added Maria’s edited photos as wallpapers
– Mi Sun’s room is now named after her after unlocking
– Renamed Launchdeck storage to “Storage” instead of “Boat”
– Fixed sunscreen sprite being flipped while held by Jack
– Fixed issues with android not detecting button presses
– Fixed Jack & Andrea’s positioning while on bed
– Fixed Jack’s body being blurry on Android
– Fixed Andrea’s hat showing while doing yoga
– Fixed Reyna’s blowjob animation being clipped at the bottom
– Fixed Maria’s sunbathe animation not having black background
– Fixed typo from “shift” to “shirt”

– Added quest for waiting for Reyna’s lotion
– Added clicking sounds for Flower minigames
– Added missing background for Reyna’s bj scene
– Added Mi Sun behind the computer during her midnight quest
– Fixed issue where you can’t click characters in fron of clickable items
– Fixed incorrect message sender for some Chatty messages
– Fixed Andrea’s flowers not showing up in her vase
– Fixed puppeteering for post-Chatty message conversations
– Fixed issue where Raven’s porn name does not display properly
– Fixed issue where Reyna’s lotion name does not display properly
– Fixed issue with conversation not progressing while Catalog is active

– Filled up contact info for Mi Sun and Olga
– Enlarged clickable area to go to Grove
– Waterlilies in Grove now shows, but still not available to harvest
– Mi Sun’s room is now named after her
– Harvesting flowers cannot be done at night and advances time
– Added correct image for Reyna’s message about lotion
– Added correct favorite flowers for the girls
– Added thumbnail for Room 20
– Added top view of bed in Andrea’s hut
– Added exit button to Mi Sun’s room
– Removed messy version of Cath’s room
– Fixed issue with flowers not staying in characters’ hands
– Fixed Mi Sun’s height
– Fixed Olga and Mi Sun’s orientation when talking to them
– Fixed Olga’s hitbox in Poopdeck being obscured by the door to Upperdeck
– Fixed issue where you can’t give gift to Maria
– Fixed issue where Jack is not visible during first part of Mi Sun’s booty call
– Fixed low resolution background images
– Fixed sex in Raven’s Room not being visible

– Actually unlock Misun and Andrea’s midnight quests
– Unlocked remaining Reyna lotion quest
– Added proper default poses for the new girls
– Fixed issues with gifting
– Fixed issue where Andrea doesn’t get points or display flowers
– Fixed Olga’s limited flirting options
– Fixed Seahut2 missing
– Fixed issue where you can’t click Olga

– Added Exit button for Farmhut
– Added vines minigame for unlocking the Pink Flowers
– Added midnight quest for Andrea
– Added quests for Andrea and Olga
– Location name for Raven’s bed is now “Raven’s Bed” instead of Room 23
– The clickable exit for Fuselage is now larger
– Fixed issue where previously held flowers still appears to be held by characters
– Fixed missing door in Cabin C at night
– Fixed issue where “Gift” options showed up as “Conversation Option”
– Fixed issue where “Gift” conversation would not trigger again
– Fixed issue where Raven’s bj scene does not show
– Fixed issue where vines for White Flower minigame would flicker
– Fixed issue where Get Yellow Flower quest still shows despite being completed
– Fixed instances of “LA” to say “L.A.”
– Fixed background of meditating with Andrea
– Fixed missing characters for unlocking flowers scripts

– Added leaves clearing minigame
– Added vase to Reyna’s seahut
– Added dreams for Olga, Jenn, and Misun
– Added puppeteering for unlocking/harvesting flowers minigames
– Added background for sex scene with Reyna
– Added gifting flowers to the girls
– Added spray sound for spraying bees
– Disabled midnight quest with Andrea for now
– Fixed text for the time for Raven filming Gabby quest
– Fixed issue where player does not lose flower after giving it to Reyna
– Fixed issue where Get Yellow Flower quest does not complete properly

– Added animation for Andrea’s night story
– Added selfie messages when you’ve done activities (e.g. sunbathing, etc) with the girls
– Changed name of “Farmhut” to “Andrea’s Hut”
– Fixed empty dialog triggering when waking up
– Fixed issue where player gets stuck in Jack’s bed
– Fixed memory leak issue with conversations
– Fixed issue where quests that trigger when you sleep would happen during the day
– Fixed issue where Exit buttons still show during conversations
– Properly labelled Exit buttons for the new areas
– Removed “Speaking Character” for some narrations

– Added quest to help Raven edit Maria’s photos
– Added quest to help Raven with Gabby’s photoshoot
– Added first half of quest to help Reyna with making her lotion
– Disabled flower minigame in Grove for now
– Fixed issue where the door in Maria’s Room was not clickable
– Fixed issue where fullscreen cutscenes don’t display properly
– Updated placeholder flower items

– Characters’ mouths would now move even when text scroll is disabled
– Rope, gloves, and bugspray items now have their correct sprites
– Fixed issue where players with old save can’t trigger “Clean Seahut 2” quest
– Fixed issue where main menu music would continue into the game
– Fixed issue with some items being shown during dialog going beyond the screen
– Fixed issue where characters would not show after a minigame
– Fixed issue where radio on plane would still show for old saves
– Fixed continuity errors
– Typo fixes

– Changed position for sex chips on catalog
– Fixed issue where Grove and Overlook would flicker between night and day

– Fixed instances where the name panel color does not match the speaking character
– Added sex chips display on catalog
– Fixed issue with some areas being blurry
– Added fireflies at night to Ridge areas
– Chatty messages should now display in the order you receive them
– Fixed issue with some full screen animation backgrounds missing
– Sexy scenes should now play sexy music
– Fixed issue with Reyna’s character flickering while chatting
– Fixed issue where “Romance With Maria” quest was not marked as Under Development
– Fixed issue where door to Basement and Balcony did not have mouse over text
– Fixed issue where Jigsaw pieces can go out of bounds

– Fix for old saves that did not get magazine for cleaning room 2
– Fix for saves that can’t build the bridge
– Fixed missing Text to Speech settings
– Added quest that explicitly says clean rooms with Maria to find corkscrew
– Disable saving while catalog is open
– Player can now exchange all fishes of one kind with Karen
– Made End of Content UI more explicit that it is just for one girl
– Roleplay session with Maria should now raise relationship rank to Friends

– Added bridge scripting hotfix
– Fixed up Gabby’s quest availability
– Sex scenes backgrounds first pass.

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