NORMAL H-Game 584: Former Yankee Wife Hinako – Completely Cuckold Both Physically and Mental

Japanese Title: 元ヤンキー妻 雛子 ~心身ともに完全寝取り!~


ENG (Google Translate):

It is an ADV that defeats and conceives a pure Yankee wife who is strong and weak to push.

The apartment I moved to when I was transferred to university, next to it was a bad chick that was feared in my neighborhood when I was a child.
Seeing the chicks that look no different from her old days, the protagonist revives her old memories at once, and her feelings for her chicks rekindle.
However, unlike her time, her husband and daughter were in her chick, so she tried to seal her feelings, but she became an adult chick’s sex appeal …

Has a difference switching function for bristles, cross-sections, sunburn, etc.





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