NORMAL H-Game 503: Sexus Resort v0.5.0 + APK v0.3

Version: 0.5.0 + APK for Android (v0.3)

You’ve been looking for a job for months and end up getting hired as a bellhop at an interdimensional resort called the Sexus Resort! Your job description, given to you by the enigmatic ‘Keeper’, is to make sure the sexy resort residents are pleased with their stay, whatever it takes.

Expand the resort by improving the connection with the resort residents, meet women inspired by all kinds of genres and fetishes, take them on dates, build relationships, go on quests, and expand the resort!​


This patch adds a new floor, a new resident, and 4 new scenes to the game! Here’s a detailed changelog:

  • New character and new floor added
  • New character has 2 new scenes and a nice little bit of dialogue
  • New quest in the gym with Keeper, helper her stretch to get a nice scene
  • New quest with the Princess, help her garden and get a surprise!
  • Small typo fixes

New Construction quest line appears in the lobby after helping Sal at the reception
3 part quest added featuring Sal and the Sexus’ network.
One new sex scene added as reward
A few new images added as a reward as well at the end of the construction quest line.


  • You may now start Honey’s movie quest in either the lobby or the garden.

More bug fixes:

  • Fixed bug where gallery screen appeared after every scene
  • Fixed gallery movie pop-in issue
  • Added a ‘back’ button to the beach area

Bug fixes and minor tweaks, changelog:

  • Fixed Sal not appearing in the diner
  • Fixed Mermaid quest image bug
  • Minor UI tweaks, menu buttons should be easier to click now.

JUST AN FYI, NO NEW SCENES IN THIS ONE. Lots of good stuff though, especially the new original music!
With this + the media gallery completed, we’re onto new scenes next patch. Here’s a breakdown of this patch:

  • Completely redone title screen and menu screens
  • New original title screen music + default music. (If you’re loading a game you’ll need to change your music manually)
  • New Time Skip feature located in the top left of the screen.
  • New day transition graphics
  • New dialogue box and general ui tweaks
  • Lots of minor code cleanup

Known weird stuff:

  • If you click the ‘menu’ button after loading a game from a previous patch, but before you go to a new location, you’ll probably pop back into your bedroom when exiting the menu. Just go to a new location before hitting the menu button to prevent this.

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