NORMAL H-Game 270

Version: Beta 10B – Halloween Special


Congratulations! You were just married! Your new married life is just getting under way after settling into your new home with your lovely wife, Miku! Your new life is filled with many exciting moments! h mate! is a light-hearted adult project built for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. Your sexy mate will always happily greet you with a tender embrace, and always awaits your next return with a smile!

Changelog (10b):

-Added 9 new H animations

-Added 5 new H scenes

-Added 1 new Halloween Halloween background

-Add Miku doll to H Mate

-Added Miku Doll box in the new Halloween H scene

-Added a new item: Tenga onahole

-Added Halloween decorations for Halloween events

-Added Halloween triggers in the β€œEvents” section of the Miku dialog

-Added special H scene lighting for Halloween event

-Added pole dance pole

-Added dynamic multi-source lighting to the Halloween H scene (let me know if this is too much for anyone’s computer, I can optimize it more)

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