H-Game 1351: Nightmare Girls v1.0

Japanese Title: γƒŠγ‚€γƒˆγƒ‘γ‚’γ‚¬γƒΌγƒ«γ‚Ί
Version: 1.0

Save File Included

One day, the protagonist Yatsuha Rindou and her girlfriend Shigure Hinaura face a situation where a tentacled monster is assaulting a woman in a park.
In order to protect the city and people from tentacled monsters, they throw themselves into a war against things from an outer world…

* Overview
An RPG themed on tentacle violation and set in a modern city. Characters must solve incidents around the town through various erotic events.

– There are four fixed party members.

– All H scenes can be retrieved after the ending.

* Features *
– Battles are command-based. There are in-battle H scenes
– 200+ originally drawn monsters
– Scene reminiscence and CG gallery mode implemented (in-game)
– 80+ base CG/H scenes
– English Translation is over 500,000 words.

Translator Notes

Hello everyone,

Just to let everyone know version v1.00 has been officially released. This is the first full release build of the game and with it all* content has been translated and edited.

You can find links to the translation at the start of the thread. I apologize for taking so long and hope it was worth the wait.

As for the future of the project I will be tracking issues with the translation and making critical updates as needed. There may be one additional patch in the future to fix all errors in one go.

If anyone finds missing translations (outside of the * on the OP), text that goes off the screen, or grammatical errors feel free to PM them to me with a screenshot or explanation of where it occurred.


*There are two small things not currently translated: The Trap Recollection Room (<50 Lines of unimportant flavor text) and the Monster Notebook (Random Lore). These were not translated for certain reasons on release, but may be updated in a future final patch.
*Another thing to note is that the image edits for this translation came from Yugifan3’s partial translation with his permission. These images will be replaced at a later date. You may notice some small, non-gameplay impacting discrepancies between the images and in-game text.

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