H-Game 1661: Lust Prison – Flowermaiden Lilia’s Fall From Grace v1.08

Original Title: Lust Prison ~監獄都市に堕ちる花乙女リリア~
Version: 1.08

In a world composed of several large islands, the “Grand Isles.”
The royal capital Freesia is the heart of civilization. “Humans” and “Mazoku” both exist, but since ancient times humans have discriminated against Mazoku out of contempt for their appearances and abilities.
While King Freesia wants to make a better world for all, and begins to enact policy, bringing an end to discrimination is a long and perilous journey.



・ Fixed a bug that ethane’s sleep r4pe event does not progress
・ Fixed a bug that some explanations of tools are different
・ A bug that breast milk leakage is not fixed
 * If you are already in a state where breast milk leakage is not fixed, once you generate an H scene, it will be fixed.
– Implemented a method to avoid body check.
Hint You can switch in the room, so if you do not need it, please set it to skip there.
– Increased the chance of getting iron ore. It can be obtained by mining with a copper scoop after the C level.
– Fixed a bug that the progress of H event is reset after clearing. If you have already reset it, we have prepared a first aid in the hint room to restore the progress, so please talk to the bald uncle to reset it. Rest assured that the progress of the newly generated event will remain after the reset.
* This will eliminate the star mark in the save data, but it will be a specification.

・ Fixed a bug that H scenes occur twice when the enemy’s field of view overlaps in sneaking.
・ Setting to skip the scene once seen. Fixed a bug that H history is not recorded properly when this is done.
– Implemented a hint room. The hint room is in a hideout near the upper left of the demon town. The H scenes and ending conditions that are a little difficult to play are summarized. Also, to make it easier to collect the ending, we have set up a character that can cancel the “completely fallen” state. Please take advantage of it.
* Hint Please see the image included for the location of the room.

・ Fixed the voice volume of Chiro and Mercure being reversed
・ Corrected the attack range of Bomb
・ Added the item “Pill” that will not get pregnant until the next Lilli apartment
– If the “Smoothness of animation” of the config is set to “Low” or “Lowest”, the CG of the H status screen will be corrected so that it changes from animation to still image.
– Fixed a bug that semen-covered is not added / removed
 * This bug will be fixed once the H scene is generated.
・ Fixed small bugs

・ Fixed a bug that the story does not progress if payment is made when the crow’s excavation is completed.
・ If Chiro settles in the base without proceeding with the story. Fixed a bug that the story does not progress
* The bug that some CGs of Lilia and Cheryl are not displayed has already been fixed in 1.01
* The bug that the resonance magic stone can be sold to Hagen many times has already been fixed in 1.01 increase.

・ Fixed various bugs
・ Fixed a bug that the H scene of Mercure is not generated
・ Fixed a bug that dots are not displayed correctly
・ Fixed the ending effect
・ Added decorations
・ Enemy Strength adjustment

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