H-Game 1010: The Fairy Tale of Holy Knight Ricca – Two Winged Sisters v1.1.8 + Uncensored Patch

Japanese Title: ่–้จŽๅฃซใƒชใƒƒใ‚ซใฎ็‰ฉ่ชž ็™ฝ็ฟผใจๆทซ็ฟผใฎๅง‰ๅฆนใ€่‹ฑ่ชž็‰ˆใ€‘
Version: 1.1.8 + Uncensored Patch (Tested and Working. Need Internet) + Save File (v1.1.0)

For the game to work, don’t put the game folder too deep in your system.
Example: D:/Games/[the game folder] should be fine.

In this 3D side-scrolling action game, you play as Ricca, who can transform into a holy knight with the powers granted to her by God. When Ricca is captured or defeated by particular enemies, she will face a variety of kinky s3xual encounters.

[Game System]
Event Scenes
Event scenes that play at the beginning or end of stages will show the state Ricca is in as a result of her grueling battles. See a wide variety of facial expressions for all characters, and maybe a few s3xual situations tooโ€ฆ?

Action Screen
In this side-scrolling action game, you explore a world depicted in 3D. Powerful bosses await at the end of each stage. If you can’t beat a particularly strong enemy, you can learn skills by collecting the Magic Stones dropped by monsters.

H Scenes
H scenes come in two types – the kind found in regular adventure games, which proceed as you read the text, and ones taking place in a 3D space where you can freely move the camera. When you are defeated by particular enemies, an H scene will start.

Customization Screen
You can buy clothes and weapons using Magic Stones found in chests or dropped by enemies. Clothing items and weapons each have their own abilities. You can also customize hairstyle, face and body shape.



  • Fixed a bug where the normal map of the mud expression may be incorrect when changing the color (texture) of costumes such as “fishnet” in the H scene of Stage 9.
  • Added animation to Stage 14 H scene
  • Fixed an issue where the color of the earrings may be incorrect in the last animation of the H scene in Stage 17.
  • Fixed an issue where the volume of some audio was high in the H scene of stage 19.
  • Added animation to Stage 20’s 1st H scene
  • Fixed an issue where the color of the costume was incorrect in the first H scene of Stage 20 of Stage 1.
  • Fixed an issue where the archers of the skeleton had an incorrect appearance of the bow when contending in the middle of Stage 21.
  • Added animation and conversation events to Stage 22’s 2nd H scene
  • Adjust the tempo and volume of Stage 25 action game parts
  • Added animation and conversation events to Stage 25 H scenes
  • Increase the magic stones placed on the stage after the middle of the game
  • In some H scenes, when the chest is small custom, the phenomenon of Ricca’s chest stretching too much has been improved.
  • Fix incorrect deformation of hairstyle “Long 2”
  • Added attribute resistance indication to the HP gauge of the enemy registered in the picture book when the difficulty level other than “difficult”
  • Added water wetting effect to the capture attack of Raincaller
  • Fixed the shadow of the texture of the dress that Imma Miria is wearing.
  • Change the color of the orcs when they are in Rage mode to make them look better.
  • Changed the attribute resistance of some enemy characters
  • Improved the attack performance of spikes that occur in a slap attack when equipped with “Pig’s Club”.
  • Fixed a bug where the character’s eye orientation may be incorrect when posing.
  • Added an icon at the bottom right of the action game screen indicating the presence or absence of a silver magic stone with the memory of the Holy Knight present in the current scene
  • Action game screen pose the icon of the Holy Knight memory or silver magic stone at the top right of the screenใ€
  • Fixed: If each item is present in the stage, it will be displayed as semi-transparent
  • Add 1 type of pose of Ricca that can be changed on the costume change screen (guard pose)
  • -Experimental implementation of a mechanism that allows modification of equipment parameters on the costume change screen
  • (config.Set costumemodificationenabled to true for txt.)
  • In the costume change screen and picture book screen, right-click the part other than the button or cancel operation when you are focusing on the “back” buttonใ€
  • Implemented the ability to hide the UI (similar to 3D H scene)
  • I tried to dress the Imma Miria and Elis in some H scenes
  • Fixed a bug where the appearance of some characters may be incorrect when switching the drawing settings in 3D H scenes.
  • Added a button to switch the conversation part to the 3D H scene (same role as the item in the setting screen)
  • Fixed a bug that the display switching of “fairy bracelet” and “Bracelet of Inma” can not be done in the 3D H scene.
  • When “Automatically change clothes” is turned off in 3D H scene, it is possible to switch the display and hide of the costume of the receiving character other than Ricca
  • Improved the appearance of the 3D model of mucus when the screen quality setting is “High quality”.
  • Changed the function to resume from the previous container point after the stage interruption from the test implementation to the official implementation
  • config.Set stagecontinuedialogenabled to false in txt to disable)
  • Other minor bug fixes and adjustments
  • (Japanese version) Correction of typographical errors
  • (English version) The translation of the game body text, the translation of the untranslated part
  • (02_ConfigTxtManual.(txt) Update content


  • Added Container crystal in the second half of Stage 6
  • Fixed a bug where the color settings of Ricca’s costume in Stage 11’s 1st H scene were affected by the current customization.
  • Fixed a bug that caused an incorrect scene transition when an enemy’s jumping tool attacked and defeated in boss battles in Epilogue 2.
  • Fixed a bug that when the attack button is pressed, the Eelis may not attack nearby enemies even if it is in a state where it can act.
  • Fixed a bug where “Ricca’s Sandals” could be deformed incorrectly.
  • Adjust the “Bunny Suit” pose and deformation by customization
  • Other minor bug fixes and adjustments

-Fixed a bug that jump input is accepted during hit stop when “advance input acceptance time” on the setting screen is larger than 0 seconds.
(Fixed a bug that turns into a jump when backstepping during a hit stop)
ใƒป Adjusted the motion and power of the sliding kick

-Added animation to the second H scene of stage 08
-Added animation to the H scene of stage 09
-Added animation and conversation event to the second H scene of stage 20.
-Added animation and conversation event to the 3rd H scene of stage 22
-Implemented a type-ahead mechanism for character operations on the action game screen.
-Added the skill “Sliding Kick”
-Fixed the problem that the subtitles of the voice of the 3D H scene (displayed when it is ON on the setting screen) are displayed for a shorter time as the voice is longer.
-Fixed a bug where the costume in the back was transparent when there was a specific costume in the back of “One Piece”.
-Fixed a bug that the appearance of the bra becomes incorrect when it is half off while the “Mofumofu Miniskirt” and the bra are equipped at the same time.
-Fixed a bug that the position of the ribbon on the chest was incorrect when the “Swimsuit Tops” was equipped and the chest was half off and the size of the chest was changed.
-Fixed a bug where thorns stretched from around the crotch when “swimsuit bottoms” and “horizontal string pants” were damaged.
-Fixed a bug that color change is not applied when “net tights” are damaged.
-Added “rimless glasses” to the glasses (can be purchased after clearing stage 4)
-Fixed the phenomenon that hairstyles such as ponytails and twintails penetrate hat-type head costumes.
-Added a slider to adjust “stick play” in the input assignment tab of the setting screen.
-Added a slider to adjust “advance input reception time” in the input allocation tab of the setting screen.
ใƒป (English version) Correction of translation of game text
(The translation “Magic Wings” of the skill “Return to Fall” has been changed to “Fall Recovery”)
ใƒป (English version) Correction of the translation of the Readme
ใƒป Other minor bug fixes and adjustment

– Added animation to some H scenes.
– “Tabi” and “tabi” have been added to the socks of dress-up costumes, and “foreign footwear” has been added to the shoes.
– Added shortcuts to stage 21.

– Fixed the “Waist Constriction Width” change not being reflected in some outfits.
– Fixed a bug that some custom items were not saved.
– You can change the highlight of the eyes, the redness of the cheeks, the size of the areola, and the width of the waist.
– Other bug fixes and adjustments have been made.

– Increased lateral movement speed while hanging chains.
– Other bug fixes and adjustments have been made.

– Adjusted Ricca’s technique.
– Items are now displayed by category.
– Other bug fixes and adjustments have been made.

– Fixed a bug that prevented the loading screen from progressing after destroying the drain crystal in stage 10.
– Added colors to some outfits.
– The skill “Armor Endurance Up” can now be turned on and off. Fixed a bug where player characters would be buried in the terrain when escaping from Roper’s capture attack.
– Other bug fixes and adjustments have been made.

– The item “Pyroxene of Wings” has been added.
– Added “Subjective Perspective” button to 3D H scenes.
– Bug fixes and adjustments have been made.

– Fixed a bug that the effect is exhibited even if “Kick” and “Damage Burst” are turned off on the skill enhancement screen.

– Added the skill “Return to Fall”.
– Changed some skills to be ON / OFF possible.
– Other bug fixes and adjustments have been made.

– Bug fixes Miscellaneous
– Adjusted the difficulty level, including maintaining the magic stone when the game is over.
– Other minor bugs have been fixed.

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