BONUS H-Game 226

Version: 02 Apr 2022


This update mainly focuses on Argent City.

– Various bug fixes.
– Fixed loop with Team Spirit Grunt near warp panel on the left 5th floor at Silph Co.
– Fixed a bug when rendering outfits for old save files on continue screen.
– Enabled screen resizing in options. NOTE: Using resolutions other than the default can cause artifacting and distortion.
– New events.
– Existing Pokétchi COLOR scenes given more in-betweens to smooth out motions and secondary action.
– Argent City expanded.
– Spirit Game Corner open to visitors.
– Slots and Blackjack available at the Game Corner.
– Spirit Lounge open to guests.
– Spirit Lounge is looking for hostesses.
– Spirit Dance Parlor’s doors open as well.
– Dancing available at the Spirit Dance Parlor.
– Dancing with a friend available as a challenge mode.
– Butt slap animation updated.
– New special animated scene type for a handful of characters ( Allie, Jamie, Typhlosion ) to expand in the future.
– New Buneary girl outfit.
– Butterfree line illustrated ( thanks to Darwin7 ).
– Overworld animations added for Ralts line ( thanks to Noone ).

– Various bug fixes.
– Wardrobe system expanded for new items and hats ( flirting and harassment wardrobe update pending ).
– New Trainer class ( Pokémon Ranger ).
– Created new sprites to make some alpha Pokémon more proportional in the overworld.
– Various bits of graphic polish around the world.
– Silph Co. scenario complete.
– The Fighting Dojo of Cliffshore City is accepting pupils and challengers!
– Pokétchi COLOR reworked.
– Kris, Whitney, Misty, and Sabrina are available in the Pokétchi COLOR.
– Overworld animations added for Lucario, Weedle, and Linoone.
– Overworld animations for the Squirtle, Buizel, Abra, Caterpie, Salamence, Pidgeot, Sandslash, Primeape, Scyther, and Tentacool lines and Lapras, Kabutops, Zigzagoon, and Dragonite added ( thanks to Zerrous ).
– Debug mode may now also be accessed by pressing Down + X on the title screen.
– Added a new tool in Debug mode to view overworld animations.

– Added a utility to rescue corrupted save files. Place the save file to be recovered in the “Rescue” directory and select “Rescue” from the main menu while in Debug mode.
– Various bug fixes.
– Fixed some weird behavior with NPCs and scenes not working correctly with the new wardrobe system.
– Fixed a large issue which prevented partner trainers from sending out additional Pokémon.
– Forrester, Jamie, and Emmie shall have full teams when partners rather than a single Pokémon.
– Double battle sections have been rebalanced for full teams.
– New events.
– New Trainer classes.
– New Alpha Pokémon.
– Special scenes will display for certain pairings rather than the default handler.
– Typhloison x Emmie will display a special scene.
– Overhauled relationship system. ( WIP )
– Relationship mechanic added to Jamie. ( WIP )
– Overworld animations added for Swoobat, Rhydon, and the Nidoking, Ninetales, Machamp, Fearow, Venusaur, and Persian lines.
– Strap-on can now be toggled on/off.
– Greyfield City is now accessible.
– Mt. Granite is now accessible.
– New room decorations available in Greyfield City.
– Something fishy is going down in Greyfield City. Didn’t Emmie want you to join her to check it out? ( WIP )

– New events.
– Additional event dialogue has been commented for easier translation.
– Some old events have been given new illustrations.
– Various bug fixes.
– Various battle bug fixes.
– Various graphics polish.
– Various audio polish.
– Region map polished up.
– Fixed a myriad of issues when F12 is used to reset the game.
– Fixed a post-battle bug with female Pokémon behaving as male Pokémon.
– Fixed a bug where Emmie failed to appear on Route 9.
– Fixed interactions with ghosts.
– Fixed a problem with Dr. Wankenstein (still needs work; use with caution).
– Mushroom harvesting in the KindlingWoods has been fixed.
– Relationship interactions are being overhauled in the background.
– Undressing is now animated in the overworld.
– Using certain items and calling out Pokémon is now animated in the overworld.
– Select Pokémon and Trainers will have overworld animations post-battle.
– You can now fuck your Pokémon on the overworld from the party menu.
– Your Pokémon can now fuck some trainers in the overworld if the graphics exist for it.
– Interactions with Jamie and the player’s Pokémon during the North Kindling Woods event adjusted for new system.
– Grimer, Magikarp, and Rhyhorn lines illustrated (thanks to Jill Ashford).
– A new part-time job is available in Ashwood City for trainers with the Charcoal Badge.
– Bug Catcher Eric event in the Kindling Woods now has an associated illustration.
– Jamie’s Glade is accessible by Fly after completing her event in the Kindling Woods.

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