BONUS H-Game 166


A game about assembling a team of monstergirls and training them to fight evil… as well as seducing them along the way.


– Fixed a crash in the “Fork in the Road” event with Vex

– Fixed a crash when calling an NPC during the day.
– Fixed a crash when gaining Passion Petals.


– Added Professor Laurel’s Lover H scene!
– Added swimsuits for all Awakened Haremon.
– Added 2 new sticker boards: Jet and the Kitsune. (This means that all Awakened Haremon no longer get the effects of their base form’s stickers!)
– Professor Laurel can now be dated and made your Lover. After completing chapter 2, you’ll get a text from Laurel making her available to date.
– Updated the background artwork for the beach. Other date locations will be replaced soon.
– Streamlined the effects phases in battle. Things like stat changes, status conditions, poison damage, etc. will now be displayed as quick popups, greatly increasing the flow of battle. This can be reverted by changing Battle Effects from “Quick” to “Detailed” in the settings menu.
– You can now take Awakened Haremon on dates. To do this, call them up and make sure they’re in the correct form before asking them out.
– Added a new status condition: Confusion. It reduces all moves’ level to 0 stars for a few turns. It can be inflicted by Brain Freeze (alternate upgrade for Frostbite), Lights Out (alternate upgrade for Gut Punch; Pummel is now an upgrade for Rampage), and Slap Silly (upgrade for Slap Fight). Whirlwind Strike now inflicts this condition instead of lowering the user’s Agility, and its damage is raised to 15 per hit.

Minor additions/changes:
– Fainted Haremon will now be revived after battle with 1 HP.
– Added a hotkey (F4) to return the window to its default setting of 1600×900 windowed.
– NPCs are now unlocked for dating throughout the story. Annie after chapter 1, Laurel after chapter 2, Scarlett after chapter 3. Delilah and others will be added later.
– You can now visit the casino during the day to buy alcohol, and the amusement park to buy toys and sweets.
– When talking to a Haremon on the phone, you can now ask her to transform into her other form if she has one.
– Changed the effects of the Bunnysuit and Loincloth (plus their upgraded forms) to be more useful to the Haremon they’re meant for. Added a new effect to the Dark Panties to make them more useful (they now affect both Light and Dark damage) and renamed them to Shadow Panties. Also added a new type of panties (Downy Panties) that raise Speed.
– The game will now remember the window’s position on the screen between play sessions.
– You can now press the X button (or equivalent) to skip to the next turn during the Wait phase in battle. Additionally, the Wait phase will now be skipped altogether when Rush mode is active.
– The effects of Bide now only apply to the first hit of multi-hit attacks.
– Agility buffs no longer apply to non-attack moves.
– You can now manipulate each enemy in a Horde to leave the battle. Also doubled the amount of Star Shards gained from Horde battles.
– Fixed an oversight where Haremon could learn kinks that were supposed to be incompatible with their personality.
– Awakened Haremon no longer automatically have the same BlackBook data unlocked as their base forms. You must ask them questions separately.
– Fixed an oversight where Stained Panties were capped at 3.
– Boosted Passion Petal rewards by about 25%.
– Haremon now get more affection and unique text when drinking their favorite tea.
– Gave Shred an additional effect, since it’s pretty useless against monsters: if the opponent isn’t wearing panties (or if they’re already shredded), it inflicts Bleed instead.
– Nerfed Bitch’s Brew and Love Potion #69.
– Changed the effect of the Play It Cool and Extremophile stickers.
– Fairy Wind now has the added effect of being twice as strong against Dazzled enemies.
– Guild Jobs that are ready to hand in will now be marked “Complete!” on your quest log.
– You can now check your current Wish count on the Status menu.
– Made several existing types of panties craftable.
– The Mistletoe item now only has an effect during December.
– Various other minor tweaks.

– Fixed some errors in Star Shard calculation.
– Fixed a visual bug that caused annoying full-screen flashes on every hit after a certain point in most battles.
– Fixed a bug that could prevent the “collect all outfits” stickers from unlocking.
– Fixed a bug where recoil damage would always deal 1 damage.
– Fixed an oversight where Baton Pass could be used to force a sleeping, frozen, or overwhelmed Haremon to take their turn.
– Fixed an oversight where you could have multiple wishes come true at once.
– Fixed the effect of Circe’s “Ekusupuroujon!” sticker not triggering correctly.
– Fixed an oversight where Vex’s “Hot and Steamy” sticker could not be unlocked due to a missing event in the caverns.
– Fixed a bug where you’d be prompted to heal a Haremon in the “Trap!” event even if they resisted the trap.
– Various other minor bugfixes.

– Fixed a couple more crashes introduced in previous patches.

HOTFIX (E-Cup only)
– Fixed the game not loading saves.

– Fixed a crash that could happen when obtaining a new Haremon.

– Fixed a crash when ending a battle with fewer than 2 party members

– Fixed a crash when Daisy’s Dancer Costume was equipped
– The “Indulge” option at the Ranch should work now (allows Haremon to gain Passion Petals)

PATCH 0.33.3
– Updated the patron list, which I forgot to do in the base build.
– Fixed the Mega Milk and Fairy Wind animations.
– Fixed the Climax Control and Defloration kinks.
– Slightly lowered the required Focus for the 3 mood-boosting techniques.
– Items in the crafting interface will now display a “!” when there’s a compatible item you can combine them with.
– Added Unbridled Lust to Aqua’s moveset, as well as to a couple of totems, since it was previously un-learnable.
– Haremon can once again text you even if they’re not at the ranch Relaxing. Relaxing increases the chance by a huge amount.
– Added a visual and audio prompt when the active Haremon has dropped to 0 HP and requires healing.
– Added Criticals to Seduction techniques.
– Gave each Haremon and monster a few Seduction techniques they resist.
– Critical damage is now increased by having a closer relationship with the Haremon in question. You can check the exact value from the Status menu in battle.
– Changed the effect of Laurel’s Panties. They now add a small chance for any Seduction technique to instantly overwhelm the target.
– Adjusted the shard gain curve to award slightly more shards for basic encounters in the early game, and slightly fewer for basic encounters in the late game.
– Altered drop rates for items from collection minigames. You should now get (on average) more items from each mining/fishing/bug-catching attempt.
– Buffed Freshen Up. Effect is now 50-100% (was 50-75%)
– Fixed NPCs having no breakup text.
– Fixed a bug where the Pixie event in the HQ Labs didn’t give you a pixie, and also had a giant frog on screen.
– Various other miscellaneous bugfixes and tweaks.
– Fixed a crash when rapidly buying things one at a time from any shop.
– Fixed a bug where “Cookbook: Null” could appear in Annie’s overstock inventory
– Fixed a bug with the Fundoshi not properly increasing AGI buffs.
– Fixed a bug where wishing for Wealth at the wishing well could give you the Wish panties instead.
– Fixed the “stop skipping on notification” setting.

PATCH 0.33.2:
– Fainted Haremon now gain 50% of the star shards/passion petals they would gain if they were conscious.
– Balance changes: Raised Daisy’s Speed to 5 and lowered Kiki’s Speed to 4. Lowered Kiki’s HP to 30. Raised the Rage cost of Maelstrom from 80 to 90, and lowered its power per hit from 15 to 10.
– Changed the way Unbridled Rage and the other mood-boosting moves work. They now boost their associated stat by 50% at level 0, but can be upgraded into their current use of maximizing the stat. Also set their Focus requirement to be the same as the amount you start battles with.
– Some experimental changes to HP: “rolling” HP now goes away at the start of a Haremon’s turn, meaning she’ll faint after taking her turn if her HP is falling toward 0 and you don’t heal her on that turn. (The Nurse Panties negate this.) Additionally, Bleed now causes HP loss to happen instantly.
– Raised the carrying capacity for Cultist Panties to 20.
– Expanded the enemy personality system to add a chance for all enemies in an encounter to have the same personality, creating situations where you’ll have to deal with lots of attacks or lots of seduction.
– Fixed a bug where trying to increase the carrying capacity of an item you’ve already increased would just sell the item instead. Also fixed these items not being grayed out.
– Fixed a bug where you could only have one type of fairy at a time, and where you could still only hold one fairy even if you upgraded its carrying capacity.
– Several other minor bugfixes.

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