BONUS H-Game 179

Version: 0.8.5 + APK for Android

E – Use object
J – Open journal
C – Open Stats
Esc – open main menu
In Fap/S3x mode just push Z X C and increase your arouse level

Current s3x content:
Fap in: shower, bed, sofa
S3x with the Biker.
S3x with the Boss.

!!! The game has autosave, if you have an impassable error, simply load it from the main menu !!!




  • New system of s3x in new cg and motel.
  • Added sounds of footsteps.
  • Added plot hints to the map.

Added 3 levels of fame:

  • Date with Laura.
  • Ability to call and invite Laura to visit (2 cg animations).
  • The first 2 units of the cartel (2 after fight animations).


  • The beginning of John’s storyline.
  • Event to catch a thief.
  • An event about saving a woman with her daughter.


  • John’s plot (raid) events
  • Motel storyline events (start of the cartel branch). (3 animations).

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