H-Game 270: H Mate! Beta 19


Version: Beta 19

Congratulations! You were just married! Your new married life is just getting underway after settling into your new home with your lovely wife, Miku! Your new life is filled with many exciting moments! h mate! is a light-hearted adult project built for relaxing and unwinding after a long day. Your sexy mate will always happily greet you with a tender embrace, and always awaits your next return with a smile!


Beta 19

  • Added 1 new non H animation
  • Added 1 new non H ambient scene
  • Added Megurine Luka to Gym
  • Added gym outfit for Luka
  • Updated Gym lighting to no longer have overbearing bloom
  • Updated Gym wall color to assist with lighting
  • Updated Gym geometry to fix scaling issues in doorways
  • Updated computer monitors in Gym to be the correct size at the front counter
  • Updated pool area in Gym to have new ambient lighting
  • Updated Gym geometry in pool area to include two new exits for a future expansion (saunas and changing areas)
  • Added a new storage section to the Gym in the cardio area
  • Added a new kettlebell and medicine ball rack with cable flyes to Gym in cardio area
  • Added a placeholder mirror system to weight room in Gym, awaiting a performant reflection solution
  • Contruction begins on user interface for Gym

Beta 18

  • Added 6 new H animations
  • Added 6 new H animations to Luka’s H sequence in Swing mode
  • Luka’s H sequence in Swing mode now has 11 H animations available
  • Removed Christmas/holiday decorations from your neighborhood and home
  • Miku has changed from her Christmas/holiday outfit to her default lingerie outfit
  • Fixed a bug where skipping the intro sequence with the escape key would sometimes leave Miku waiting for a kiss at your door (we can’t have that! ^_^)
  • Fixed a bug where Luka’s breasts would jitter while lying together with Miku on your bed

Beta 17

  • Added 4 new H animations
  • Extended Christmas event H sequence by 4 H animations for a new total of 13
  • Added Christmas lights to neighborhood and your home
  • Added Christmas decorations around your house
  • During playtesting, a minor strange tear in Miku’s red Christmas stockings was detected when greeting you at your front door, will bring a needle and thread for next update ^_^

Beta 16

  • Added 2 new H animations
  • Added 1 new H scene
  • Added 1 H scene to Bedtime H scene sequence
  • Added optional skip feature to introduction sequence while returning home: press Escape [Esc] key before reaching Miku at the doorway to skip

Beta 15

  • Added 5 new H animations
  • Added 2 new H scenes
  • Added 1 new character: Megurine Luka
  • Reworked Miku menu to now include Special Events
  • Added seasonal events Halloween and Christmas to new Special Events menu
  • Added Swing test mode to Special Events menu
  • Seasonal evens and Swing test mode can be found by talking to Miku in your house (press [e] when you see her name appear above her head)
  • Added 1 new Miku + Luka + Player H scene to Swing test

Beta 14 Christmas Special Edition 2

  • Added 4 additional H animations to Miku’s special Christmas event, for a total of 10 H animations
  • Updated H scene sequence for Miku’s special Christmas event
  • Added colorful Christmas lights to the entire neighborhood
  • Added colorful Christmas lights to your home
  • Added Christmas tree to your home
  • Added Miku Doll box near your Christmas tree
  • Removed Halloween event decorations from around your home
  • Removed Halloween event options when speaking with Miku
  • Added Christmas event options when speaking with Miku

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