BONUS H-Game 134

Version: 1.4.2

[ Flirty loving baby making with a kind demon lord wife ]
You save the beautiful demon lord from an evil spirit that had been controlling her,
and run away together to start a new life.
Enjoy a flirty loving baby making life full of love and sex!

[ The demon lord is an ideal wife, who is loyal, cute, and busty! ]
After saving Rishie, you discover that she is much kinder and gentler than a demon.
Enjoy sweet time spent with your new beautiful wife!

[ A parade of sex in a fantasy setting with your cute demon lord wife! ]
Kissing hand job and first time sex, vacuum fellatio in a maid costume, flirty loving bath sex,
sensitive tale touching doggy style, anal training sex, lewd underwear seduction sex,
nurse cosplay sex, racy swimsuit vacation sex, succubus curse sex, outdoor sex,
wedding gown impregnation sex, naked apron sex, preg-belly tit job, and more!

[ The demon lord is voiced super cute to make the situations even more arousing! ]
The sweet and cute moe voicing of your demon lord wife helps you delve deeper
into your new baby making slow life!

No censored text, and she will expose all of her lewd and sexual feelings to you!

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