H-Game 182: Shameful Revenge ~Steamy Cheeky Cosplay Girl Emma Shameful Pleasure Pickled~

For Beautiful Girl “Emma” who is famous as such in the Cosplay neighborhood,
The main character had one-sided admiration.
But the main character whom it was not possible for even to call out while going to the same university,
Decided to make up the mind on the day of a certain Cosplay event, and to talk to her.

But a main character does not have the interest, and Emma ignores his voice.
Yami opens in the Kokoro of the main character then.
And Emmaโ€ฆโ€ฆIs pushed over a trifle to the bottom of the despair.

Despair, it were revenge of the main character by – – Sei-like humiliation.

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