H-Game 172: NTR Legend v1.0.2 FINAL

Version: 1.0.2 FINAL (64bit)

Yuzuki was living a happy newlywed life, and decided to save up some money for her 1-year marriage anniversary.
Noticing that her neighbor was pretty messy, she offered to help clean up their house as a part-time job.
However, the guy who lived next door was no ordinary man.
He is known as “The Disaster” for his home-wrecking abilities.
How will Yuzuki fair when she steps into this lion’s den?


All operations of this game are done with the mouse.

Screen operation

You can operate the screen by dragging with the right mouse button.
・Object interaction with left mouse click

Cleaning phase

・Select the cell phone icon on the bottom right and click and hold the location where the cursor changes on the cell phone screen.
・Adjust the hold so that the blue gauge on the right side of the portrait does not reach MAX and set the pink gauge to MAX!
・Adjust the hold so that the blue gauge on the right side of the portrait does not reach MAX and set the pink gauge to MAX!

H phase
・Select your desired position from your mobile phone.
・Adjust the SPEED and focus on where the heart-shaped handle turns pink.



○ bug fix

  • Phenomenon that the urination button disappears
  • Phenomenon that the camera switch button occurs when idle play
    -If the idle play fails, the part where the language is different (from Japanese)
    -Phenomenon of homeless people remaining after H in the park
  • Phenomenon where it was possible to move the map during H in the park toilet or secret club
    -Phenomenon that climax gauge does not rise when unlocking with LOCK in H state
  • Phenomenon that hypnotic climax count was not applied to save
  • Phenomenon where SM’s bed marks did not appear from the next day
  • Phenomenon that the total number of cleanings was not applied
    -Phenomenon of idle play characters disappearing when saving in the park toilet and loading
    -Bug related to passerby images in idle play
    -Phenomenon that could not be called from the toilet in the park at night


  • Body development is a little easier than before.
  • SM’s experience value has increased a little.

Bug fixes

v1.0.0 FINAL

Bug fixes
–Phenomenon that the invitation window of the next man did not disappear properly when inviting the next house

Bug fixes
–Phenomenon that time elapses when you receive an invitation from the next house
–Phenomenon that the image of the couple next door remains and does not disappear
–Phenomenon that the image of the video camera suddenly disappears
–Phenomenon that furniture etc. suddenly disappears
–Phenomenon that the moving radius of the truck is not applied properly
–Change of stress loading method (third correction to prevent overstress)
–Changed the scene conversion method from the title to the game screen

○ Changes
–Slightly adjusted the required experience value
-Increased amount of money earned from part-time job

● Bug fixes

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