H-Game 2533: Exploding Girl – Alchemy of Darkness and Flames of Bonds v1.00


Original Title: ็ˆ†่ฃ‚ๅฐ‘ๅฅณ ้—‡ใฎ้Œฌ้‡‘่ก“ใจ็ต†ใฎ็‚Ž | Burst Girl – Alchemy of Darkness and Flames of Bonds
Version: 1.00

Lynn, a novice alchemist girl who always seems to fail.

On this day, she once again caused an explosion while brewing a potion.
Upon witnessing this, her honor student best friend, Selen, suggests making bombs.
The suggestion proves successful, and Lynn embarks on the path of a bomb alchemist.
Together, they cooperate in alchemical tasks, contributing to the lives of the villagers.

However, one day, a situation arises where Selen is kidnapped.
According to the villagers, suddenly, a demi-human tribe appeared and took Selen into the forest.

But that forest is considered a forbidden placeโ€ฆ

Upon hearing this, Lynn grabs the bombs symbolizing her bond with her best friend and heads out for the rescue.

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