H-Game 2434: Our Cumdump Teacher: The Game ~ A Delinquent Mother’s Deviant Life v1.00


Original Title: 僕らの肉便器先生 -the GAME- ヤンママ教師の変態生活
Version: 1.00

An RPG where a married teacher succumbs to sex with her students!!

Train and bang a strong-willed female teacher!!
A large-volume, hardcore shame-play RPG set in a school!!
◆This work is completely new. You can enjoy it even if you don’t know about the previous works◆

This work is a simple exploration-type RPG! (No battles or leveling up!)
One day, a female teacher’s weakness is seized by the male students she’s in charge of.
Reluctantly, she decides to make a “certain promise” with them. That promise is…

”I will fulfill just one of your desires each.”

All the male students’ demands, fueled by strong sexual desire, are totally vulgar!
Her peaceful daily life is about to fall apart!!


A simple but naughty game system

[Requests from male students]
The player controls Chinatsu-sensei and explores the school!
You have to accept erotic requests from the male students!
Their erotic demands are all vulgar and shameful…
You won’t be able to fulfill them so easily…

[A class full of shame]
Even in class, the male students’ desires never stop!
They’ll force you to perform embarrassing things in front of the female students as well!
Will you protect your pride as a teacher?
Will you give in to their demands and expose your lewdness?
Whichever you choose, there will only be hell?!

[Lots of school-flavored scenes]
Also includes scenes that make use of the school setting, such as physical education and swimming class!!
Turn the usually strong-willed teacher into a sex toy!

[A wealth of exploration spots]
In order to fulfill the requests of students, you must sometimes leave campus.
You can also explore some shady areas…
Includes an adult toy shop, an erotic DVD shop, a park where the homeless stay, and more!
Sometimes you might find a suspicious part-time job at a desolate bar!?

Teacher and student…a game full of forbidden play!!

The story doesn’t end even if all the boys’ requests are fulfilled!!
They continue to use her as a cumdump even more…
・Coercing her into taking erotic selfies at school
・Public masturbation and orgasm
・A big orgy with creampies
・Coercing her into exhibitionism in the city and on the train
・Donating her body to the dirty-dick homeless
・Sickening NTR at home with family!?
…and a plethora of other hardcore and deviant acts!!
The strong-willed female teacher eventually crumbles, becoming a horny servant…

And what’s more… a “mother and son pure love” route is also included!!

In that route, she deepens her bond with her son,
and you can enjoy some lovey-dovey mother-son intimacy!!
It’s a little more wholesome compared to being trained by her students!!
A mother who shows her cute, feminine side!!
Enjoy her body to its fullest!!

Lots of immoral play between mother and son!!

[Erotic daily life at home]
After coming home from school, she spends time with her son.
They bathe together and play hide and seek.
And also… get into some naughty business while her husband isn’t watching!

[Deepen your bonds on dates]
When the bond between mother and son deepens, you can go on a date on the holidays!
Spend quality time at various facilities such as family restaurants, movie theaters, and arcades!
Of course, you can do naughty things everywhere, too!?

[From mother and son to man and woman]
Mother and son gradually begin to see each other as man and woman.
The son takes on the air of a confident male.
The mother becomes like a female in heat for her mate.
Will they be able to deepen their relationship to the point where the men around them will become jealous?

[I’ll make my mother mine!]
Bold and dangerous sexual play will become possible as you deepen your relationship!
Control your mother and fuck her in various places!!

Large volume & multiple endings!!

Will she succumb to the training of her students and become a disgusting cumdump?
Will she end up drowning in forbidden love and living as her son’s woman?
Or… will she step into an even darker and more abnormal world?

5 endings in total!!
Please play with Chinatsu-sensei as you wish!!

◆Product summary◆
・Erotic event CG illustrations: 96 + many variations
・Character and costume illustrations: 19
・Memory room included (all events can be opened immediately)
・”Strategy chart” PDF included for each ending
・Sound effects and female moaning voice included (not fully voiced)
・Dialogue skip, window hiding possible
・Contains bloated belly imagery

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