BONUS H-Game 678


Version: 1.7.1



New conversation exchanges are added when our heroines visit Caelia’s shop. Witness the blossoming of their relationships over time! As their bonds mature, unlock not only animations but also special new cards and achievements.

To sum it up, this update introduces

  • 3 sets of new animated scenes
  • 3 sets of stories
  • 3 cards
  • 3 new achievements

Other update

  • The special skill Elvish Fortune will no longer draw herb cards when playing as Dusk, increasing the chance of obtaining valuable cards.
  • The card Sleight of Hand will now be consumed after use.
  • The card Pocket Watch will no longer break Dusk’s Hidden status.
  • In the shop, there will be a price drop when upgrading cards and removing cards for the first time.
  • Spirits summoned by Elaria (especially Welp) now have larger hit boxes, making it easier to drop a card on them.


We’ve been working hard on updates! There’s still a lot on our list to add and tweak, but we felt it’s important to share progress as we make it. This update is primarily centered on Dusk’s gameplay and addresses several issues the community has highlighted.

While we don’t have a roadmap to share (to keep things flexible and open to inspiration) we can confirm that additional scenes and other improvements are being worked on. We’re a small team of just two people, depending on the scope of an update, it might take a bit longer. We really appreciate your patience, understanding, and continued support! <3

Here are the changes for Version 1.6:

Dusk Update

  • New cards x 5
    • Stealth Slash and Stealth Shot – new attack cards, using these cards when Hidden deal extra damage
    • Opportunity and Golden Opportunity – new heavy-hitting cards that come at a relatively low cost. However, they introduce a new “Use or Lose” condition: If you draw one into your hand and don’t use it by the end of your turn, it will be removed from the current battle
    • Hasty Retreat: new card with Hidden ability with with 0 cost, but the next turn will start with 1 less energy
  • Anxiety debuff
    • When dodging an enemy’s special attack, Dusk will now receive 4 Anxiety. Dodging normal attacks still results in 2 Anxiety
    • When emerging from Hidden, Anxiety will no longer be removed. Instead, it will halve every turn as a regular debuff
  • Sleight of Hand can only upgrade to +1. +1 version updated to 0 cost and draw 2 cards
  • Poison bomb rarity increased
  • Hidden Pocket rarity increased
  • All smoke bomb strengthened
  • Sneaky Surprise rarity increase, +1 +2 version slightly weakened
  • For all Shot and Slash cards, attack increased for +1 and +2 version
  • Scaring Shot and Scaring Slash deal more feeble
  • Crowdfunding can steal more coins, but it comes with consume


  • Everytime you pay to upgrade/remove a card, the upgrade/remove price will increase for the rest of the journey
  • Price for pre-upgraded card slightly decreased
  • Pre-upgraded cards will appear earlier in the shop during a journey

Battle reward

  • Pre-upgraded cards will start appearing slightly sooner in your journey as battle reward
  • More coins reward for winning elite battles
  • More coins reward for defeating Treasure Fae
  • Higher score given for winning elite and boss battles
  • Slightly more coins for skipping reward cards in elite and boss battles

Enemies/ Battle level

  • Attack of a few enemies in map 2 and 3 slightly weakened
  • Sundering wisp will do a low damage pierce attack as its basic action
  • Map 2 and 3 has a higher chance to generate paths with less elite battles
  • First battle encountering Skeletal Wyvern become easier
  • Skeletal Lancer’s special skill will give 1 less Freeze card but hit slightly harder
  • Skeletal Footman takes 1 more turn to charge special skill
  • Rearranged enemies combination in levels so less enemy cards will be given in a single turn
  • The Demonic Commander now gives a reduced ‘spike’ buff to its minions. Additionally, minion combinations have been updated for better difficulty balance
  • The battle speed for both ‘slow’ and ‘normal’ modes has been increased
  • Easy mode become a bit easier


  • When watching animations in the gallery, you can toggle the foreground leaves on and off
  • More resolution options added
  • Wording polish on a few cards
  • Lower coins reward in upgrade node when you already have full HP and all cards already at max level
  • Alchemist card art update to communicate its effect more clearly

Bug fix

  • Starting cards popup in character selection screen can no longer be click through
  • Final score display bug fixed
  • Map popup visual bug fixed
  • Overlapping victory and defeated message bug fixed

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