H-Game 2243: Fallen Shinobi


Original Title: 忍堕とし | Ninja Disgrace

It is an era of warring states.
By some good fortune, your side has managed to capture from the enemy
a girl called Ayameβ€”hailed as the strongest shinobi in all of Japan.
Your chief then gives you an order.
“Train that shinobi dog Ayame so that she becomes our dog instead!”

Fallen Shinobi is a s3x training simulation game with fun and easy-to-learn point-and-click controls.

All training scenes are fully voiced and fully utilize Live2D for slick and smooth animation.
With an incredible 35 different models of Ayame to grope and feel up,
and over 4000 motion animations to compliment them,
you’ll be kept entertained for hours upon hours of gameplay.

You can train Ayame in three different ways: by letting her pleasure you, by violating her, or by disgracing her.

How you carry out your training will effect what ending you get, with over 21 s3xy animated endings to discover, both good and bad!


– Dynamic Lewdness
Ayame’s reactions will change according to how lewd you get!

– Conveniently Looped Animations
Many of the game’s animations can be left to run on loop for those times when you want to have a hand spare.

– Variable Animation Speed
The major animations have many different speeds they can be played at.
So whether you want to take things nice and slow, or thrust over and over like crazy, Fallen Shinobi has you covered.

– Free-time System
After a hard day’s training, you’ll have free time at night to do what you want.
You can even choose to spend the night getting intimate with other girls if you so please!

– Customizable Costumes!
Become friendly with the girls, and you’ll be able to customize their costumes!
The girls can also wear their costumes in the s3x scenes too!

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