H-Game 2243: Ninja Discipline v1.2


Original Title: 忍堕とし
Version: 1.2

Our camp was lucky enough to capture an enemy girl β€œAyame”, who is said to be the β€œstrongest Shinobi”.
The main character is ordered by the head.
And the main character is ordered by the head as follows.

β€œTrain Ayame and turn her over…!”


Animation correction / function addition


  • Fixed bugs in some Live2D animations.
    ・Ranmaru skip button is installed in the environment settings. (The Ranmaru event disappears on the 3rd and 6th days)
    ・Set the character feed speed adjustment in the environment settings.
    -Added a function to adjust the brightness of the screen in novels, night conversations, and recollections.
  • Name change reflected in recollection.
    ・Fixed so that the release action does not flow in recollection.
  • Corrected so that even the right CTRL key on the keyboard can be used to skip characters.
    ・Expansion of the hit judgment of the ejaculation button.
    ・Level 4 and some level 3. Changed the specifications that ended at 200 pleasure to endless continuation.
  • Added an event when Ayame’s level rises.

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