H-Game 967: Strip Knight Nymphoria v1.0.6


Original Title: θ£…θ„±ι¨Žε£«γƒ‹γƒ³γƒ•γ‚©γƒͺγ‚’
Version: 1.06

Save File Included

This is an RPG where a girl with an exhibitionist fetish becomes a magical girl to gather energy through shameful acts, fighting against evil organizations, having her equipment destroyed, and being defeated and r4ped.

This is the story of a plain and unremarkable girl who fights against evil organizations using her secret fetish as a weapon.

The protagonist, Fumika Ichijo, witnesses her friend being kidnapped by an evil organization one day. From then on, she becomes a magical girl fighting against evil.

Nymphoria is a magical girl who transforms the power of her shame into strength. The more damage her suit takes from fighting against spies and monsters, the stronger she becomes, but at the same time, she loses her maidenly innocence.

If she loses in a battle, she will be humiliated and s3xually violated by the evil organization.

To avoid losing to evil, she goes out into the town to train and accumulate the power of shame!

She encounters molesters on a train while not wearing any underwear, is targeted by cosplay otaku at a cosplay cafe, and has her school exposure revealed to her classmates who then ask her for lewd favors. Various lewd events stand in Nymphoria’s way!


Error that causes game progression to become impossible on the 7th day has been fixed
Other details can be found in the readme file
Bug fixes and new content have been added

Bug fixes and balance adjustments have been made
For more details, please refer to the readme file
Typographical errors have been corrected, and bugs have been fixed

Data that prevented access to the Sharf Kusai attack map in Chapter 3 has been fixed
Mistakes in skill descriptions have been corrected
Other details can be found in the readme file
Bug fixes have been made

– The name of a specific character in the dialogue window was replaced with the wrong character
– Other bugs have been fixed

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