H-Game 2174: Sol Rui -after mini- v1.2


Original Title: ソルルむ -after mini-
Version: 1.2

Required:Β Patch the game with the latest fixes/changes by runningΒ GameUpdateΒ in the game folder or by manually patching it viaΒ Github.

This work is a short adult RPG where you control the heroine [Rui] who has gained the power of magic and challenge four different stages.
The focus is on situations that destroy the dignity of the heroine, such as humiliation, hypnosis, combat eroticism, and defeat eroticism. The work is specialized in erotic standing picture woven by an overwhelming number of animations.​

Error Window Fix: If you run into an error and a window pops up, you can use ‘tab’ to close it.


Added erotic scenes, tweaked/fixed some of the SPINE models, added/fixed the recollection room, and fixed other bugs.

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