H-Game 2158: Ecchi & Craft v1.30 + DLC

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Original Title: γˆγ‘γ‚―γƒ©ο½žγˆγ£γ‘&γ‚―γƒ©γƒ•γƒˆο½ž | ECHICRA ~Ecchi & Craft~
Version: 1.30 + DLC

Cute characters, smooth animations, light controls, and a solid crafting game experience
Let’s fully enjoy s3x and craft!

The main characters have been taken in by the block craft game they play all the time!
Something is wrong in that world, and your friends are kidnapped!
Let’s explore the craft world that has been changed to s3x while searching for friends and crafting freely!

Animation of commitment
A large number of hand-drawn frame animations are full of fun just by moving them together with a light operation feeling!
If you get caught by the enemy, you’ll be in an erotic scene! Live2D’s smooth animation is outstandingly erotic!

Full crafting system
More than 200 appearing blocks and items!
More than 400 including derived blocks such as different colors!

Wide variety of monsters
More than 30 ecchi motions! Some even have differences between friends!

Sensitivity system
Almost all of the more than 30 ecchi motions have 3 levels of sensitivity changes!
Pant voice also changes in 3 levels! Add 1 more level for those who like moaning!

Ecchi & Craft DLC: Brothel Stage
The Ecchi & Craft DLC has arrived!
You can now enjoy the fun-filled β€œBrothel” stage.

– The protagonist undergoes a transformation into a futanari and has s3x with her friends and female monsters!
– Additional motions such as vibrator masturbation and pole dancing have been added!
– New erotic-themed decorative blocks, including bath mats, lewd chairs, BDSM wooden horses, lotion, and more!
– New basic blocks such as house blocks and bathroom tile blocks!

– Along with the DLC update, 10 new game over still images have been added!
– You can view these still images when defeated by boss monsters.

Ecchi & Craft DLC Installer Manual:
1. Open the β€œEcchi & Craft.exe” file located inside the β€œEcchi & Craft DLC installer” folder.
2. Click through the setup until you see the message β€œInstallation Successful”.
3. Make sure that your Ecchi & Craft game is updated to the latest version before playing the DLC

If you see β€œDLC Installed” in the top-right corner of the Ecchi & Craft main game’s title screen, the installation was successful.
After unlocking the final stage of the main game, you will be able to access the β€œBrothel” stage from the stage selection screen.

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