H-Game 126: Shohei’s Adult Streaming Channel

Shohei is the host with the most on Shohei’s Adult Streaming Channel. With user feedback from the audience, he makes his moves on his female guest which is the key to the success of this internet program. What will happen on today’s show and its special guest? The latest and first overseas release title by indie studio Nurarihyon!

High quality, fully animated artwork.
Smooth 3DCG animation that gives the motion a realistic softness and quality.
Scene select mode accessible by selecting the “Past Videos” option
Japanese language voice acting
English subtitles
Voice & music sound controls
Full screen and windowed options
Contains scenes for adults only with mosaic censorship over the genitals
Plenty of content that you can enjoy and easily rewatch your favorite scenes
Choices you make will allow you to see different dialog

Please note that characters are 3D drawn models and do not depict any actual people, dead or alive. Furthermore all characters depicted in this game are over the age of 18.

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