H-Game 1791: Store Management in Another World ~Impregnation Roguelike~ v1.0.3

Original Title: η•°δΈ–η•Œη΅Œε–Άο½žε¦Šε¨ γƒ­γƒΌγ‚°γƒ©γ‚€γ‚―ο½ž
Version: 1.0.3

Yua has always dreamed of running her own store, but she’s had no time in her hectic life to ever try it.
However, her fortunes change one day, when two strangers suddenly bring her to another world,
and bestow upon her the chance to fulfill her dream!
Of course, to acquire items to sell ,she’ll need to brave scary dungeons full of horny monsters…

The Cute but Coldblooded Collector
Yua must delve deep into dungeons to acquire items to sell in her shop!
She’s got interest payments to make, so she can’t afford to kick back and enjoy her new life!

Yes, a cute cat with a heart of darkness will come to collect,
and Yua better have the money when the time comes!

Clothing Damage!
As Yua takes damage from enemy attacks, her clothing will start to tear, exposing her supple skin.
Her erotic pose art will be displayed at all times for you to enjoy!

Dungeons are randomly generated too, so you’ll always have a fresh map to explore!

When a Weak Girl Delves Into Dungeons
Yua isn’t strong by any means.
She’ll have to defeat what she can, and avoid getting surrounded by what she can’t!
Prepare for escape when the time comes! Use whatever items you have at your disposal to live on!
If Yua gets beaten down, it’s back to level 1, with zero items…

And furthermore… horny monsters will gather to creampie her!

Ero Status System
Yua can have her precious virginity broken by any species of horny monster!
Which will be the first?
Which will f*ck her the most?

What warped fetish will she get into?
Enjoy Yua’s descent into perversion!

And when returning to spots where she was defeated… there may be a surprise waiting in the womb…

20+ H Events!
Salacious store events!

It’s not just monsters having their way with Yua, but humans too!
And they can get her pregnant as well!
If she gets knocked up from an orgy, she won’t even know who the father is…

In the dungeons, a variety of horny monsters await.
They’ll never do something cruel like kill Yua!
However, they’ll happily use their huge penises to run rampant on her!
Her special womb is capable of birthing monsters, too!

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