H-Game 1774: ErisDysnomia v1.19

Original Title: エγƒͺγ‚Ήγƒ‡γ‚£γ‚ΉγƒŽγƒŸγ‚’
Version: 1.19

This is an erotic action game featuring entirely hand-drawn pixel animation where the female protagonist has s3xual things done to her.
Perfect for those who like erotic combat and s3xual status effects.

・Erotic Combat
The erotic acts, s3xual development and status effects occur seamlessly in realtime alongside the action elements,
making you more susceptible to s3xual acts the more they happen.
This produces a feeling of the character really having lewd things done to her.
S3xual experiences can become perverted fetishes, or cause you to learn new ways to masturbate.
You could become aroused during combat and unable to fight properly, making you more vulnerable to s3xual approaches.
Please give the sample movie shown above some of your time.
Almost all of the enemies will make s3xual advances on the heroine.
The ever-present possibility of s3xual actions from the enemies creates for exciting gameplay.
All articles of clothing can be taken off.

Exhilarating gameplay with responsive feeling of hits connecting for an enjoyable playthrough.
We’ve aimed to create satisfying gameplay through the fusion of action and erotic combat combined with high usability and refreshing accessibility.
There’s a boss on each stage, and losing could mean being imprisoned, or start up an erotic scene, there’s also special defeat scenes as well.
Easy controls using the Z, X, and SHIFT keys along with the arrow keys. Play with controls already familiar to you.
Also playable with a controller, with button customization.
The controls are simple, but the combat is deep and enjoyable.

Fight using the abilities of your choosing.
Face battle with your favorite customization.
Some abilities center around s3xual aspects instead.

There are 5 stages, with an extra room and arena that you can play in as well.
The extra room allows you to view animations, or spawn whatever enemies you like in a sandbox environment.
The arena has an endless mode where you can play for a long time, a mission mode where you take on specific challenges, and a custom mode where you choose what enemies to fight.

There are 4 difficulty settings from easy to very hard, letting people unskilled at action games and expert gamers enjoy the game.
The difficulty levels make no difference in the s3xual elements of the game.

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