H-Game 1300: Stardust v1.13

Japanese Title: ζ˜Ÿε±‘
Version: 1.13

The play can have s3x in various ways with various heroines: fall in love, cuckold or be cucked, be a peeping tom, commit assault and more with monmusu, princess, angel, mermaid, village girl…
You have a great deal of freedom when it comes to s3xuality.

The game features 70 base CGs (H-related)
There are over 100+ CGs incl. variations and pose art

* You can go the romantic route (Difficulty: High)
* Heroines may be felt up in the early game but, these events are optional
* Your behavior determines a Good or Bad ending

Gameplay is lengthy, an estimated 20 hours to complete both endings

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