H-Game 1250: Fighting Magical Girl RPG – Girls Defense

Japanese Title: ζˆ¦γ†ι­”ζ³•ε°‘ε₯³RPG ガールズディフェンス

APK for Android Included

Kaede Sunafuji comes home from her part-time job, planning to enjoy her summer vacation starting tomorrow, when she encounters a man in full-body suits attacking a woman.
As she tries to save him, she is almost attacked herself, but a mysterious voice saves her and transforms her into a magical girl.
The mysterious voice calls herself a divine fox and asks her to lend her strength as a magical girl because the world is in trouble.
Kaede has no choice but to accept the offer, and with the help of her friends, she is able to conquer the dungeon that leads to the world of whores.

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