H-Game 1104: Otherworld Brothel Road

Japanese Title: η•°δΈ–η•Œε¨Όι€¨γƒ­γƒΌγƒ‰

In this free city, there is a brothel district where each race has its own brothel, and customers of various races come from inside and outside the city every night.

One day, a new store opens in the brothel district, and the economy begins to decline.
The owner of that store is a reincarnated person. The owner of the shop is a reincarnation, and he offers sexual services that the other races cannot even imagine.

In order to survive, each brothel must unite the brothels of each race, and beat the stores of the reincarnated who have β€œknowledge of the other world” and β€œreincarnation privileges” in the management of their brothels.

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