H-Game 1082: Busty Youkai Busters! v1.0


Original Title: ηˆ†δΉ³ι€€ζ•£!ε¦–ζ€ͺバスターズ
Version: 1.0

Save File Included

Once upon a time, there was a remote village deep in the mountains that was troubled by terrifying youkai.
In their time of need, a now-legendary exorcist appeared, and sealed the demons away.
From then on, the seal was guarded by two shikigami sisters.
Peace in the village has continued until today.
However…misfortune has once again struck the village. The youkai are gathering once more.
And it’s only the virgin protagonist who is capable of stopping them…

Our breast animation has advanced even further!
Our latest titty technology allows for more jiggling than ever!
Check the sample, and see for yourself!

All female characters are full-voiced. And that includes H scenes!

Featuring branching H scenes depending on battle results!
Win the battle, and get a lewd reward! Exterminate those busty youkai with your holy cream!
However, if you lose, those scary youkai will violate you to the limit!

Enjoy beautiful stripping animations!
Watch those delightful giant mounds pop out as you chastise those naughty youkai!
Take them down, and get right to the s*x!

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