H-Game 880: PlayClub BetterRepack R1


Developer: ILLUSION
Version: R1

Prey that can not escape…… You are hired to r4pe them…… Breaking them into submission……​


What is a museum release:

Communities around these games are pretty much dead, so it’s hard to get help with regards to these, and they’re more often than not in their own engine. I test them to the best of my abilities, but may not be able to offer much support myself if something breaks with these. The communities surrounding these may be rather small, or non-existent, so help is very hard to get for them anywhere. There may or may not be updates to these packs, no guarantees.

  • Added Base Game
  • Applied preorder (plc_hard)
  • Applied preorder (plc_souki)
  • Applied Base game update (playclub_02_plus_all0508)
  • Applied Append Disk
  • Applied Append Preorder (playclub_03_appendmap)
  • Applied Append Extra
  • Applied Append Update (playclub_03_appendmap_0729all)
  • Converted English translation from hardmod to XUA (HF-Patch)
  • Converted Chinese translation from hardmod to XUA (ZodGame)
  • Added IPALoader v1.2.4
  • Added RuntimeUnityEditor
  • Added XUnity.AutoTranslator 4.13.0
  • Added 2155X’s PC_ScrollableUI v1.0
  • Added Horse’s ScriptLoader v1.2.4
  • Added IllusionLaunchers v3.0.0
  • Added AdditionalShortcuts v1.0
  • Added CameraModifications v0.6
  • Added Cellshader
  • Added Ggmod for PlayClub v1.0.5.2
  • Added MaestroMode v0.3.1
  • Added Oyakodon v0.0.4
  • Added PCPlayShot v2.4 (Modified)
  • Added PCStudioItemeXperience v.1.0 (Modified)
  • Added Size Matters v0.1.0
  • Added SkinTexMod v1.0
  • Added TouchyFeely v1.1.5
  • Added Alexae’s AdjustMod v1.2
  • Added Eusth’s PlayClubVR v0.9.6 (Modified)
  • Added hermitX’s Story Translation 2015-08-01
  • Added akyryz’s UI Translation
  • Added moistened_eye’s Shortcuts v1.0.3
  • Added DillDoe’s Studio UI Translation
  • Added cur144’s Uncensor Mixture v1.4
  • Added 100% save to BRExtras

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