BONUS H-Game 308


Version: 1.05 P0522

Use F1 to reassign controls

D*myra, the healer, is on a mission to purify the dungeon. Along the way, she may encounter all sorts of lust-filled demons looking for a pure virgin to impr3gnate. Will D*myra escape all the traps in the dungeon just waiting for an innocent girl to be their victim?​


Patch 0522
Fixed the issue where the CG dialogue automatically fast-forwards and freezes after the defeat of the Sheep Head Priest.
Fixed the problem where the quantity of bottles sometimes displayed as -1.
Fixed a bug in which certain old save files were unable to trigger the final storyline.
Fixed the bug where players could pass through walls and go outside the map in the secret passage.
Fixed the bug where the Shadow Core power could not be used in certain situations.
Fixed the bug where players could interact with NPCs while the menu was open.
Fixed the bug where the game could freeze on a white screen before the Stone Golem boss fight.

Patch 0430
Fix the issue where the passive skills of the ending rewards cannot take effect in other saved files.
Fix the issue where the magic disc mechanism in the Abyssal Cage area is not functioning.
Fix the issue where a certain broken wall in the depths of the ruins keeps respawning.
Fix the issue where a save error may occur after skipping the opening cutscene.
Fix the issue where events at different stages of the same CG cannot be unlocked in the flashback dream.

Patch 0429
Fix title text typos
Fix the issue where the sheep head totem disappears after fainting once
Fix the issue where the seal effect in some map scenes cannot operate normally
Change the automatic save before BOSS battles to save upon entering the room
Add a “get unstuck” feature. If the main character gets stuck in a wall, press F2 to activate the feature, which allows the main character to move a short distance in the facing direction. This feature is unavailable when not stuck in a wall.
Fix the bug where some areas in the Withered Ruins allow wall-phasing
Lower the upper limit of summoned monsters in BOSS battles to save memory
Fix the issue where the dialogue trigger location for the first encounter with the stone man is incorrect
Fix the issue where walking directly onto the bridge to the right of the central goddess during its movement causes the character to leave the map boundary
Extend the invincibility time for the main character after being hit in easy mode to about 1 second
Fix the issue where the appearance of the Shadow BOSS cannot be triggered correctly sometimes
Fix the issue where some map text displays incorrectly in saved slots.

Patch 0427
I thought I fixed some things, but actually didn’t fix them properly. πŸ˜›

Patch 0426
Fix the issue
the conversation with the stone man cannot be ended during the first encounter.
the sacrifice scene cannot be triggered smoothly in the confinement escape area.

Patch 0425
The system has undergone significant lightweight optimization, which should resolve most of the issues related to crashing, black screens, and startup failures.
Fix the issue of black screen or freeze during teleportation after being forced to defeat by the Lamb Head Priest for the first time.
Fix the issue where releasing the Shift key does not stop running while being restrained.
Fix the problem of the semen pool texture in the dream flashback being able to pass through walls while restrained.
Fix the abnormality of the tentacle rope.
Fix the issue where resetting in the dream flashback does not reset the milk level to zero.
Fix the issue where using the Goddess Hot Spring makes the permanent map invalid and causes corrupted game files.
Make some triggers for the final boss more intuitive.
Fix the issue of abnormal appearance locations of the Stone Men.
Fix the issue of certain CGs playing simultaneously and causing a freeze.
Fix the triggering issue of the Curse Corridor gate.
Fix the triggering issue of some dialogues in the village.

Patch 0423
Fixed an issue where pressing ESC after the completion of a level would cause the game to freeze or crash.
Fixed an issue where selecting “skip” for certain CG scenes would result in the CG image not disappearing and causing the game to freeze.
Fixed an issue where the CG screen could not be closed properly after it finished playing.
Fixed an issue where the CG image for the treasure chest monster would not load correctly.
Fixed an issue where the field of vision restriction for certain maps would not be removed properly after leaving the map.
Fixed an issue where the menu would malfunction after using certain skills.
Fixed an issue where the game would occasionally get stuck on a white screen during certain cutscenes.
Fixed some issues with incorrect text appearing in certain cutscenes.
Fixed some instances of the game getting stuck in certain areas of the map.
Fixed an issue where the “Chitai” status effect could not be removed by using a hot spring.
Fixed an issue where certain CG images in the gallery would only show text and not the actual image.
Fixed an issue with the “corrupt aura” effect not displaying correctly and repeatedly sending messages.
Fixed an issue with the language switch not being fully implemented.
Fixed an issue where the trigger order for the purple crystal was incorrect and caused the game to freeze.
Removed the mosaic effect for the Stone Golem CG image.
Removed the quick save/load function (F5/F9) which caused numerous bugs.

Patch 0422_3
Fixed the issue of the storyline getting stuck after acquiring a ‘special ability’

Patch 0422_2
The issue where the disclaimer occasionally got stuck has been fixed. Now the disclaimer will automatically skip to the main menu after two seconds.

Patch 0422
Fixed the issue of not being able to automatically adjust the language according to the region.

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