H-Game 794: Tentacle Counterattack Princess Miserable

Version: 触手逆θ₯² 乙姬焑惨

There once was a small, peaceful island. One day, an earthquake caused a tidal wave, casting the deep-dwelling ancients of the water onto land. Among them were evil creatures. Further, the island was home to certain malevolents who capitalized on the chaos, and turned against their fellow inhabitants. Distraught, the islanders sought help from outside. They found a prominent bounty hunter and asked her to purge the island of monsters. Meanwhile, tentacles were seizing young girls across the land. A war of shojo vs. shokushu had begun.

* The Heroine
Kano Ibuki was the princess of a certain kingdom. Growing up she idolized the ways of martial arts, and yearned to see the world she would someday rule. The good king saw this and permitted her to travel. Thus began Kano’s adventure. Righteous and capable, Kano assumed the role of bounty hunter, to give her travels even greater purpose: she would not only see the world, but meet and rescue its people. This spunky, tsundere princess is the heroine of this tale.

* The Game
“Tentacle Counterattack Princess Miserable” (Shokushu Gyakushuu Otomehime Muzan) is a hentai fantasy game created with UNITY 3D. Please check that your computer meets the recommended system requirements before you buy. You can confirm compatibility with the free trial version.

– 20 styles of clothes
– Over 30 H actions
– A Full 3D ARPG
– Beautiful fantasy scenes
– Ruins, forests, villages

Keyboard Shortcut:
M key: menu setting
C key: character status
Shift key: 10point plus(in the character status)
G key: clothes style
H key: hair style
Esc key: escape H mode

Mouse Button: when H mode or Gallery mode
MLB: rotate vision
MMB: pan vision
Mouse Scroll: Zoom in/out

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