H-Game 668: Undercover Agent – Solo Sting Operation v1.2.0

Version: 1.2.0
APK for Android Included v1.1.0

Secret agent Saki has been given a new mission.
Infiltrate the criminal infiltration, grab the secret intelligence, and destroy the facility.
Saki poses as a target for human trafficking to get into the building.
Everything has gone according to plan so far, but she has no weapons, and no means of communication.
She must complete the operation herself, and escape…

A 1 on 1 battle-only RPG with no field.
The gameplay is card-based with command style.
Draw 1 card each turn, and choose actions from your hand.
Modify your deck to defeat opponents!
If you lose, H scenes await…


  • 6 H scenes
  • 6 base CG:
  • H-scene text: Approx. 13000 characters (Japanese)

Uncensored Version

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