H-Game 523: Castle of Temptation v0.3.3a

Version: 0.3.3a

“Castle of Temptation” was created 86 years after the peaceful treatment between fiends and humans. It’s for the newbies trying to be adventurers, a test for their abilities and strenghts. Since the war is over, adventurers do social and cultural exchanges too, so the castle was created to improve their will and reaction times. Since being an adventurer is a really rewarding job and it gives multiple bonus, this is a test for them.
You are playing as a male boy trying to defeat the succubus queen. In order to do that you have to get there first… Are you up for the challenge?​



New Content
‧Add “Virginity Mode”, “Hard Mode” and “Free Mode”. You can change “Virginity Mode” and “Hard Mode” in waiting room
‧You can see all Virginity Mode’s dialogue in gallery
-Patch Notes:
‧Fixed the problem of stuck dialogue in gallery mode
‧Fixed that the H content in gallery mode cannot be performed normally


New Content
‧Add a new H scene (ghost doll), which can be triggered in the area in front of the boss room of the Doll House

Change Notes
‧Change the map of a small part of the the Doll House
‧Change the surrender button to long press the Jump button
-Patch Notes:
‧Fixed the problem of incorrect recording time in the game
‧Fixed the wrong picture problem
‧Fixed the problem of Dark frog stuck after Sex
‧Fixed some sound effects

New Content
‧Add “The Forbidden Lab” Stage gallery
‧You can see all dialogue in gallery
‧Add recall room in each stage in gallery

Change Notes
‧Add “Japanese”
‧Press Sex key you can surrender

Change Notes
‧The OPTION menu will be closed during cutscenes or death

Patch Notes
‧Fix the key will return to the initial state
‧Fix Missing pictures in the H-scenes
‧Fix When Player takes an item in a BOSS battle, the item will get stuck on player.
‧Fix the player would not be able to break free of the tentacle girls
‧Fix the wrong position of the spray trap
‧Fix player is not able to get the “Sex toy certification”
‧Fix the English lines of the Robot-Riot
‧Fix some map errors
‧Fix the crawl animation could not be performed
‧Fix the door of the secret treasure chest would remain open after the player restarts

New Content
‧”The Forbidden Lab” Stage
‧31 sex scenes

Obsidian Lobby – New path for players to exit from the BAD END room.

Patch Notes
‧Patched the save file location
The former save file can no longer be used
The new save file is located in the game folder

‧Patched the mono audio issue
‧Adjusted multiple movements
‧Patched the in air issue while jumping and entering the dialogue

This update is mainly about Gallery and Free mode of the doll house
and fixed BUG problems.
But there is no new content this time.
Only change the enemies of slime doll room, but the difficulty has not changed.

Fix the Magic doll house cannot be played normally
Add the hint that you can skip conversations

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