BONUS H-Game 214

Version: 0.930

A dark fantasy ARPG that let you engage in brutal and gory combat in the demonic realm. Play as the gorgeous but deadly Succubus. Grind your way through enormous amount of horrifying abominations and bosses, until she becomes the most formidable and seductive devil.

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i5 3210M CPU
Memory: 8 GB RAM
Graphics: 4 GB VRAM

Processor: Intel Core i7 7700 CPU
Graphics: Geforce GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 290


Bug Fix: Army falling down to the ground on the world map.
Bug Fix: Garrison UI overlapping with other UI.
Bug Fix: Fireball on the skirmish map looks too bright.
Bug Fix: wrong spawning position in the Catacomb of Sacrifice.
Bug Fix: custom color doesn’t work.
Bug Fix: Can’t close the Free Pose Mode menu with the “X” button.
Bug Fix: When clicking Esc to see all menus, there is an overlap when selecting the Furniture Menu.
Bug Fix: Alluring Fantasy armor does not display.
Bug Fix: arrows stuck in the air.
Bug Fix: music volume slider doesn’t work.


Adjusted brightness for all levels.
Canceled fireball casting delay to make an instant cast.


Main Features & Adjustments

Added some adult content (poses, animations and furniture, need to unlock through achievements).
Polished achievements (with better rewards, usually lingerie and furniture).
Canceled the lingerie set merchant(merged this feature with achievement system).
Added a feature for companions to automatically pickup gold and potions.
All interact-able furniture will be marked with an icon in the building list.
Added a toggle to don’t bring minions into combat.
Added a button to reset skill points (gold required).
Added a few new lingerie.
Modified dual wielding and great sword special attack.
Reduced rage accumulation speed.
Added facial expression (automatically applied to certain poses).

Major Bug Fixes

Loading rings and necklaces will give you the wrong stats.
After load the game enemy controlled cities will be yours once you enter the battle.
Many map related bugs are fixed.
Rage can be interrupt by blocking.
A series of bugs related to the building mode.
Many UI related bugs, for example misaligned fonts, overlapping UI elements, etc.
Merchants’ storage get refreshed every time you get home.


Major Bugs Fixes:

Skeleton archer won’t shoot after death and revived.
Companions won’t switch to other weapons when they are out of arrows.
Save Pose button in the free pose menu doesn’t respond.
Boots get unequipped after interacting with furniture.
Weapons on the left-hand shares magical attributes with a weapon on the right hand.
Many invisible clothes and lingerie.
Spamming two-hand sword attacks can lock your animation.


Re-balance of skill points and leveling system.
Cloud save is temporarily turned off for re-work.
Traps are added to the levels.
Added some new poses to existing furniture. We will keep adding more.
Added diary(notes) to the game(WIP).


Rebalance of the game.
Fixed many map-related bugs: including going through walls, falling down from the map, lighting, etc.
Fixed most of the bugs reported in the test build.
Optimized item drop rate and quality.
Balanced the Hell Arena.

v0.850 Test
Dual Wielding.
Hell Arena.
Amulets and Rings.
Shared Experience.
In-game achievements.
Gallery of lingerie.
Hide/Show a certain piece of armor.
Sell minions feature.
Added new and finalized old maps.
More weapons.

All Christmas Sets are free in the Special Lingerie Sets Vendor for one week!
Also there’s two new ones, they only showed in screenshots.

Bug Fixes
Bug Fix: Can’t back to Nova palace
Bug Fix: Bad bunny mask is still broken

We are aware of the current optimization issue and we already have a solution, and a patch should come in a few days.

And the heavy motion blur is probably related to the low framerate since we have already turned it off.
Which means it should be fixed when optimization is better.

Finalized a few maps (design and lighting) – Forsaken Ruins, Undead Valley, and two skirmish maps.
Added level 20, 21, 22, and 23 armors.

Bug Fixes
Bugfix: Custom pose bug. Most of the time, switching between girls reset the custom position of the last selected girl.
Bugfix: After winning Sarrow Meadow and Dallod Siege Camp, the game freeze when you are on the map and press ESC.
Bugfix: Invert mouse bug.
Bugfix: Hell Rider Gloves bug.
Bugfix: All Bad Bunny Ears related glitches.
Bugfix: 7 presets from Arwen to Liana are unresponsive when changing their settings in the character creator screen.
Bugfix: The siege notification with zero enemies inside of the battle.
Bugfix: The eyelashes are detached from the eyes on some presets.

Two new sets of lingerie and two costumes, free during Halloween.
New room located in the dungeon.

bug fixes:

Bug Fix: Mourning Labyrinth and Balanda Village don’t have a boss.
Bug Fix: There are no rescue missions anymore.
Bug Fix: Special Lingerie sets show the wrong price.
Bug Fix: The color picker doesn’t work in the skin customization window.
Bug Fix: In the character customization window, 7 presets from Arwen to Liana are unresponsive when I change their settings.
Bug Fix: If you remove the companions from the members at the beginning of the battle, minions will not appear either.


Bug Fix: Nipples Customization doesn’t save when you leave the customization window.
Bug Fix: When you are moving succubus in free pose mode, the model is moving very far.
Bug Fix: Except for equipped items, cannot pick up anything in inventory with the Right mouse button (including home inventory).
Bug Fix: Transmog feature doesn’t work correctly, armor from the right side doesn’t get all defense rate.
Bug Fix: The speed is too fast when moving or turning your character in the pose mode.
Bug Fix: In the Transmog menu, the item gets deleted if you press the remove button while holding onto an item with your mouse pointer.
Bug Fix: It doesn’t save progress after you concurred new locations.
Bug Fix: The minions level up when health is above the maximum.
Bug Fix: Minions disappear on combat maps whenever they are clicked in the Minion menu.
Bug Fix: Transmog feature does not remove the cost from the account.
Bug Fix: When you aim at the standing mirror in the building mode, it shows the wrong icon.
Bug Fix: There is no keybinding to change the party window hotkey. The letter “P” brings up a minions menu even though I have it mapped to different “Interaction” control.
Bug Fix: UI wouldn’t expand to the width of the monitor.
Bug Fix: When using a shield all equipped armor is ignored and players receive full damage.
Bug Fix: When you load preset it doesn’t load hair and lipstick color.
Bug Fix: After the win, there are no icons on the world map.
Bug Fix: Minions won’t recover health by themselves.

Added some more minions.
Polished most of the maps.
More loot drops and coins.
Increased army size to a maximum of 9 minions.
Added garrison function. You can add garrison to any conquered cities and they will appear in defense combat.
Fixed the steam cloud saves. You need to manually upload and download saves.

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