H-Game 758: Secret Care Cafe v0.7.2

Version: 0.7.2
Gallery Unlocker Included

You are the owner of the new cafe in town. But it’s not your everyday cafe shop, this place has a special care program to make its customers really enjoy their stay.


Every day you will have to take care of customers as well as keep good relations with your coworkers to unlock special events. Chose your own path with Cookie, Rai or Cynthia (or all 3 of them if you’re lucky or none if you are not), and make sure to not get broke. Here you can find some cute scenes, while the girls interact with each other and you – as well as some lewd animated scenes, both with you and (If you will let them) with clients. Your actions and decisions will have an impact.

Use money and popularity you earn from the everyday work to stock up on items for the next day, buy items that will upgrade stats of your maids, unlock more events and unlock new perks!

By using specific abilities you learn more about the clients in the client book and you might unlock new events with them!

Random events that will trigger after day of work will make sure you will get different experience every day. Your decisions will decide how girls will react and how they will respond to the events. Their statistics will help you keep track of that.

The game has both NSFW and SFW mode. Thanks to that, people not interested in lewd stuff (or if you are not in the mood for it) don’t have to worry about it popping out on them.

The game-play is a management of your cafe and maids. The story in driven with the Visual Novel format.


0.7.2 Public:
– added 12 short animations for two of the nsfw room’s (4 sfw, 4 sfw-ish, 4 nsfw)
– now 9 type’s of clients can get into the nsfw rooms, if they want to (solo and group males)
– you can now zoom into the two nsfw rooms
– now backrooms work based on the timers, every few ticks providing bonuses to maids stats, cash, etc. (and not just end of the day)
– now you can change the maids in the main game,
– massively reduced tiredness increase and small reduction to cleanliness 
– added two buttons in pause menu during main game, that let’s player chose if the time should stop in backrooms (it’s on from the start) and if they want clients to enter the backrooms
– reduced collision size of the rooms
– now some maid’s negative stat changes should be reflected accordingy on the screen
– auto-stock perk now correctly shows that it is locked if not bought
– slight look changes to the nsfw rooms (soon for all)
– fixed a bug that sometimes changed shown value added to the stats of maids
– fixed a bug that let you put maids in rooms if you bought cleaning closet
– fixed a bug that didn’t register when you sometimes emptied one of the rooms
– fixed a bug where you could put in the same maid multiple times in a breakroom
– fixed a bug with experience bar in self improvement room being too high
– fixed a bug that showed wrong cg’s in one of the events in gallery (Rai’s with client)
– fixed a bug that showed Emilia talking while it was a narrator
– fixed a bug that didn’t register cg from Ame’s give# skill
– fixed a bug that resets some animations in cleaning closed too early
– fixed a bug that stopped ‘end of work’ banner in backrooms after the day ends Public:
– added 17 cgs for Ame’s skills for basic skin (both sfw and nsfw)
– added 1 main event (sfw)
– added 3 new items to shop (two tiredness reduction items and one cleaning help service)
– added a perk that lets you put two maids in the breakroom
– added to gallery Ame and made it so it now scrolls between characters
– added Ame’s stat’s increase thanks to few ‘Opportunities’
– added outline to items description’s in chat menu
– added 2 remaining short animations (Cookie and Rai) for Breakroom
– now the gallery won’t spoil characters before unlocking them (Emilia and 4th maid)
– made unlocking ingame cg’s much easier if skill’s perk is maxed out (for 4th maid for now and Cookie’s flirt)
– some visual changes for the item’s in Item Shop menu + Chat menu and audio sound if you can’t buy an item.
– fixed overlapping text in summary screen
– fixed position of back button in Backrooms
– fixed a bug making background music overlap while repeating events in gallery from the Preparation Menu
– fixed a bug that made some text move from their desired position.
– fixed a bug that spammed experience, levels, tiredness and cleanliness at the player if the day ended by taking too long
– fixed a bug that didn’t reset Penumbra counter even if player ended the day normally
– fixed a bug with perk that increased Cookie’s popularity everyday for way too much.
– fixed a bug that crashed the main game after certain point if you’ve entered Backrooms (very small main game optimization thanks to that)
– fixed a bug that made speed value on speed display move around
– fixed a bug that made text separation in gallery events too close to each other
– fixed a bug that prevented mad bar and favorite maid indicators from disappearing while Ame was serving clients
– fixed a bug that made discord button disappear on title menu
– fixed position of goth client’s favorite maid indicator
– fixed Cookie’s not blinking sprite in the stations introduction event
– corrected some typos
– fixed crash while clicking Backrooms in main game

– added stations to the game (still requires a lot of work)
– some adjustments to popularity gain from check out’
– few button changes in Preparation Menu
– slowly adding outline to the names in the events
– added 2 new events (sfw that introduces new maid and new mechanics to the game)
– added new maid (still requires a lot of work):
* basic functionality of new maid
* added 4th maid to the upgrade menu and her 4 basic abilities
* clients now don’t ignore the 4th maid while ordering
* added working ‘Talk to’ button for 4th maid in chat menu
* 4th maid inviting now works correctly
– going to backrooms now stops the time in main room
– added new information for new stats increase in summary screen if they are unlocked, same with maid’s tiredness and cleanliness
– added new info about Cafe’s and Maid’s stats to Backroom screen.
– added outlines to the text in summary screen
– new button for talk to Rai
– added animations for cleaning room for other maids and Cynthia’s for Breakroom
– added new statistics for the maids in the chat menu if Station update is unlocked.
– added one basic gameplay cg for the 4th maid (placeholder)
– Special care skill now gives Care Points to maids if backrooms are unlocked.
– now the gallery won’t spoil characters before unlocking them (Emilia and 4th maid)
– added to gallery 4th maid and made it so it now scrolls between characters
– goth client now has new favorite maid, but still retains his feelings to original maid until you hire the new one
– fixed bug that made clicking on inviting 4th maid pick up Cynthia’s icon
– fixed bug that crashed the new game
– fixed bug where Cynthia’s skill buttons changed positions and were out of bounds
– fixed bug that spammed player with information about 4th maid’s care points
– fixed bug that clicking clients made a sounds like they’ve checked out
– fixed bug that skipped 4th maid’s take out ability at the end of the day
– fixed bug that spammed experience, levels, tiredness and cleanliness at the end of the day
– fixed a bug with perk that increased Cookie’s popularity everyday for way too much.

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