NORMAL H-Game 776: Mage Warrior Maiya ~The 12 Demon Wombs~

Japanese Title: 魔闘士マイヤ 魔域十二子宮編

Orcs, cerberuses, harpies, immortals, sleepy sheep, centaurs, nagas, hydras, Al-Mi’rajes, white tigers, minotaurs, and more are waiting! Diverse monster girls will unleash unimaginable attacks and violate Maiya! But she can fight back — the battles will get fierce!

Can Maiya defeat the twelve gods and accomplish her goal, or will her foes’ relentless assaults drive her mad with pleasure…?
It’s all up to you!

Each god battle has different outcomes based on victory and defeat! Win or lose, lots of lewd and lascivious scenes are yours to enjoy! Guide Maiya to whichever fate you desire…

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